LTE Network Interactions

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LTE Network Interactions

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According to a recently released GSMA Wireless Intelligence infographic, there are 163 live LTE networks today, and that figure is expected to grow to more than 400 live LTE networks by the end of 2017.  However, there are still hundreds of 2G and 3G networks that these LTE networks will need to connect to, not to mention the million or so (depending on source) WiFi networks. 

The signaling interworking between  Diameter, SS7 and Radius is an important issue that needs to be solved.  It has become such a priority that a Diameter signaling controller market has emerged.

Dialogic will be hosting a webinar next Wednesday in which I will discuss this in more detail.  I will be joined by Steve van Zanen from Broadforward.  We’ll discuss the need for this type of equipment and the use cases that drive demand for interworking solutions.

But signaling is not the only interactions that occur with the LTE networks.  There are also media interactions required because of more advanced voice and video codecs that are used on LTE networks that will require transcoding.  And all this traffic will contribute to congestion.

The webinar will explore all three of these areas and solutions to allow the interactions to go smoother.  Please register to learn more.

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