Characteristics of an Enterprise SBC

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Jim Machi

Characteristics of an Enterprise SBC

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 As enterprises move to IP voice services and SIP Trunking, enterprise SBCs are required as a border element to protect the enterprise network from the outside IP network it is connecting to.  And that enterprise SBC will likely be connected to a PBX, so there are requirements, beyond network to network peering SBCs that demarcate two service provider networks, that an enterprise SBC will need to have.  

This ability to not only border protect the enterprise network but to also understand VoIP and VoIP traffic so it can make the right decisions regarding that traffic and insure that VoIP applications on the enterprise IP network are not subjected to any issues, is what differentiates an enterprise SBC.  A such, some key enterprise SBC requirements include:

1.  Providing firewall protection.

2.  Offering topology hiding, which is the ability for the SBC to hide the private enterprise network IP address.

3.  Providing intrusion detection system ability – which would be the ability to for instance monitor registration attempts, password failure attempts, and anomaly protection.

4.  Access Control List ability, which is the ability of the SBC to permit known IP addresses to access the network.   An IP-PBX is typically communicating with fixed IP addresses for phones and other endpoints, SIP Trunks, and other SBC and IP-PBXs.

5.  SIP Trunk authentication to insure the SIP trunk is secure.

6.  SIP Filtering which stops known bad actor headers from entering the network.

7.  Supporting TLS and SRTP so secure / encrypted protocol and media streams can be utilized.

8.  Offering flexible and resilient call routing.  This will enable your SBC to only accept and make calls you want, preventing fraud. 

Enterprise SBCs are becoming more and more important.  Some smaller enterprises have in the past foregone enterprise SBCs.  But with IP security more and more important, now is the time to secure an SBC.   Sangoma offers enterprise SBCs to meet your needs.




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