Maximizer Rounds Out Maximizer CRM 10 Suite with New Entrepreneur Edition

Patrick Barnard
Group Managing Editor, TMCnet

Maximizer Rounds Out Maximizer CRM 10 Suite with New Entrepreneur Edition

Maximizer Software Inc. has released the Entrepreneur Edition of Maximizer CRM 10 – thus rounding out its CRM software suite with a new edition targeted at the small business.
Maximizer CRM 10 already included covered the SMB market well with its Group, Professional and Enterprise Editions. Now, with the introduction of the Entrepreneur Edition, the suite has an edition for every size business (including departments within a larger organization), from small to medium to large to enterprise. In fact, Maximizer claims it is now “the only vendor that offers a complete family of CRM products for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that enables a smooth migration from contact management through to full-featured CRM.” Its CRM software suite is now flexible and scalable enough that it can help a business of one grow to become a business of “500 or beyond.”
Introduced this past November, Maximizer CRM 10 represents a departure from Maximizer’s previous CRM product line, in that it has eliminated the former stand-alone Enterprise edition found in version 9 and combined it into a more full-spectrum version with different editions to suit the needs of different-sized companies.

The new Entrepreneur Edition covers the “small” end of the spectrum, but as company officials point out, this easy-to-use, turn-key CRM solution offers advanced functionality found on more expensive systems – including, perhaps best of all, CRM for BlackBerry smartphones.
Even a small business can benefit from a mobile CRM solution. With mobile CRM, your workers can have access to the critical business information they need via their BlackBerry devices, and the ability to manipulate it in near real time.

Maximizer claims that one big advantage of its software suite is that it lets companies transition to mobile CRM at their own pace (or as the business grows), from basic mobile messaging to full-fledged mobile CRM (with full access to real data, and the ability manipulate it in real time, as well as the ability to conduct transactions remotely).

With Maximizer’s MaxMobile client for BlackBerry working in concert with the mobile version of its platform, mobile workers can have access to their customers, leads, schedules, sales deals and forecasts, and service cases directly on their handsets, through wired or wireless synchronization. As such, changes and updates made in the field can take effect in real time (or near real time) on a server at the central office. Plus, with Maximizer 10, managers can get centralized, Web-based “dashboard” views of business activity and do real time analysis of the data which is coming from every end point, including the mobile devices.

“For budding small businesses, choosing a key technology solution is a critical investment, as both money and resource allocation can make or break the business,” said William Anderson, executive vice president, Maximizer Software, in a press release. “With the release of Entrepreneur Edition, small business owners gain an extremely comprehensive contact management solution that enables them to incorporate best practices in customer care and time management right from the start.”

Another key differentiator for Maximizer CRM 10 is its integration with’s on-demand sales and professional coaching solution. Thanks to Maximizer’s partnership with, your workers can have anytime access to high quality coaching and training content and other basic business advice from leading experts through their CRM apps. Topics covered range from sales negotiation, to proposals, to leadership and motivation. Users can leverage advice and coaching from more than 150 authors, speakers and professional trainers including Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins and Tony Parinello, in text, audio and video formats.

Maximizer CRM 10 Entrepreneur Edition also offers easier communication and time management with improved Microsoft Outlook integration; improved administration and security to manage small groups; and overall productivity enhancements in on-the-fly reporting, and task management.

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