Private Industry and Educational Institution Collaborate on VoIP

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Private Industry and Educational Institution Collaborate on VoIP

Carol Davids, Director of VoIP Activities and the ITM program at Illinois Institute of Technology, and Warren Bent, co-founder and Vice President of Business Development with InCharge Systems, were my guests this past week on the DIDX podcast channel. Carol shares with the listeners information about the Internet Telephony and Telecommunications courses at IIT and the 5th Annual VoIP Conference scheduled for Oct 28-29, 2009 in Wheaton, Illinois.

The IIT lab offers instruction and practice in VoIP, telecommunications, SIP, Asterisk, IP PBX and more. Check for more information such as a list of current and completed projects and a photo gallery at (I really want our local Pensacola Junior College Telecommunications instructors to attend the VoIP conference in Wheaton.)

Warren Bent, Co-founder and Vice President of business development of InCharge Systems shares his thoughts on the value of collaboration among the university, the VoIP Lab, the students and professors such as Carol Davids and private industry. His company is an active supporter of the conference and the VoIP Lab. Those listening in are encouraged to get involved by visiting and participate. There are opportunities to exhibit, present, attend and sponsor the conference and to be involved with IIT's VoIP Lab.

Visit for information about InCharge Systems and how they are a support for the IIT VoIP Lab and register for the conference directly at Contact information for the VoIP Lab is at

(My voice is broken up at times on this podcast, but the guests who are most important are quite clear and I know you will enjoy the news and information from Carol and Warren.)

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