CoreDial CEO Alan Rihm Explains Cloud Communications Podcast

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CoreDial CEO Alan Rihm Explains Cloud Communications Podcast

Alan_Rihm_Headshot_2012.pngCoreDial is among those cool IP / cloud communications companies who are co-sponsoring the ITEXPO West All Conference Party 9:00pm at Cedar Street Courtyard – Featuring the Famous Spazmatics!! (Bring your full conference badge for entrance.) I knocked on a few doors until I found CoreDial's CEO Alan Rihm. He is a serial entrepreneur who launched CoreDial in 2005 about the same time that DIDX began. In that time the company has experienced exponential growth and is known as a highly respected disruptive force in our highly volatile communications landscape. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that Alan is a thought leader whose company is helping to lead the cloud-based communications revolution. He and I recorded our conversation about cloud communications, how even business people are social, the definition of small to large business issues and how innovators such as CoreDial turn issues into successes!

Listen to the audio podcast here --> Alan Rihm of CoreDial and me on Cloud_Communications

What is truly unique about what CoreDial offers to those who wish to take advantage of the flexibility, cost-savings, and business-efficient features is that NO software or hardware needs to be purchased. Typically, CoreDial clients are interconnects who wish to private label hosted PBX, VoIP, and SIP trunking services or managed service providers. These clients want to provide these enabling packages to their customers. Carriers (CLECs and ILECs) also can start bundling new services with their voice and data packages for more complete and evolving solutions.


I really admired the easy-to-understand way that Alan explained what cloud communications is, how it works, and how CoreDial partner programs work. (Many times in my podcasts with industry leaders, I think to myself, only the industry would understand this, but not the customers. Mr. Rihm explained everything in terms that anyone can comprehend.) This section is about 01:45.5 into the podcast.

Alan also shares more details about how CoreDial partners work them such as the huge change in the way people do business in 2012. For example, a managed email service provider discovers that all of a sudden, a local interconnect is not only selling "phone service" but also management email service and all kinds of other SMB products. Competition is really different in 2012 and forward.


Trends? We always ask what's on thought leaders' minds about any of the hot topics such as social media, business communications, M2M, mobile apps and devices, 4G, and more. Mr. Rihm noted the fact that cloud communications and technologies providers such as CoreDial are the answer to traditional technology companies. They don't have to hire new people who are privvy on the latest trends. They can just take advantage of everything hosted such as by CoreDial with no hassle.


What a great feeling to be involved in such business that actually helps to grow start-ups and to pull SMBs out of a slump because of the power of SIP (session initiation protocol) and cloud communications. No more is someone in a small rural town hampered by that remote geography. No matter what age, gender, race and other identifying human attributes, anyone can do business based from anywhere to anywhere in the world. I mentioned that I was a bit embarrassed to be talking about our work in such a fluffy way, but Alan agreed with me. We are in the right place at the right time and would love for others to get involved.


Visit with CoreDial at booth 520 and me with Elena Mercurio at DIDX booth 227 during from Oct. 3-5, 2012, but also around the conference center and at networking activities day and night from Oct. 2 - 5!


Their website is


(I couldn't help but say that another "core" company who is a great enabler of telecommunications is Kore Access. The business is an ace at zeroing right in on how to market one's services better and in a way that will get the right kind of attention from the people who need it them most. Ask for Maria Pinochet.)

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