IP Communications Companies Looking for Project Manager?

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IP Communications Companies Looking for Project Manager?

We have some very talented people in Northwest Florida, and Sarah Cook is one of them. She recently sent me this message with her resume, and hmm... yes, it is a bit un-orthodox but sometimes I am known for that... but I'm going to share her resume with you in the hopes that she will be hired! And no, I will not do this again on my blog. (It is quite common nowadays that trustworthy and smart people work remotely from their home, Panera, or other wifi spot. I think she would be perfect for some IP communications company who needs her skills.)

"As you can see, I've been in restaurant work for awhile in a management role. That was supposed to be a little sabbatical I took from a "real" job! I was just going to wait tables or tend bar and, within a couple months of doing that, I was promoted to shift lead then to management. My strengths definitely lie in personnel/project management. I have managed people in multiple industries and that is where I end up being more efficient. I always tend to be the "go to" worker for my employer. I am looking to get back into a more "professional" role like I was doing in management and project management. I am open to hearing ideas about any industry. I'm an excellent office manager as well. I also have no problems traveling as much as necessary or commuting. Also, I would be open to relocating for the right position. *I would prefer to stay in Pensacola since this is home, however I am certainly not opposed to discussing relocation for a better, challenging career. Thank you again for your help and I hope to hear from you soon! Have a great day!"



(I removed the phone number for privacy sake for her to choose later with contact.)

Sarah S. Cook




* Project Manager of 600 plus station installation at Saufley Field, Florida after Hurricane Ivan

* Concept originator and team leader for Hurricane Katrina relief at Q.S.I.

* Management experience in multiple industries

* Instrumental in opening new restaurant concept from the ground up



Work History


2009 -2009 Scenic Hills Country Club & Golf Course

Events & Beverage Manager

* Coordinate all banquet, events, weddings and golf tournaments

* Ordering of all beer, liquor, wine and bar supplies (paper goods, fruit, etc)

* Schedule staff for bar, restaurant, beverage cart and banquet events

* Plan entire events within the clients' budgets


2008 - 2009 Tequila Mexico, Pensacola, Florida

General Manager

* Recruit, train and schedule full staff of over 50 employees

* Handle weekly inventory and vendor relations to ensure cost-effective purchasing

* Purchase all food products, liquor, wine, small wares, dry goods

* Ensure the integrity of restaurant operations through excellent customer relations


2007 - 2007 Pensacola Blues Café, Pensacola, Florida


* Create wine and beer list for new restaurant

* Assisted in initial opening of new restaurant

* Book nightly entertainment



2007 - 2007 The Gutter Lounge, Pensacola, Florida


* Serve and stock all beer, wine and liquor

* Clean and inspect entire bar at the end of each shift

* Responsible for all cash of a high volume bar


2006 - 2007 Copeland's Of New Orleans, Pensacola, Florida

Bartender / Front of House Manager

* Responsible for all cash in high volume restaurant

* Clean and inspect entire restaurant at the end of each shift

* Run reports, prepare labor estimates, make deposits daily

* Prepare labor percentages for review by corporate

* Weekly inventory of front of house supplies

* Write schedule for all front of house employees

2006 - 2006 New Market Steakhouse, Pensacola, Florida

Bartender / Shift Manager

* Responsible for cash in high volume restaurant

* Clean and inspect entire restaurant at the end of each shift

* Check out all employees at the end of shift




2005 Workplace Solutions, Pensacola, Florida

Sales / Project Manager

* Solicit new clients

* Perform field measurements for new installations

* Schedule installations

* Prepare budgetary figures for government submission

* Manage installation crews

* Prepare preliminary sketches for new projects


2002 - 2005 Quality Systems Installation, Inc. Pensacola, Florida

Project Manager

* Oversee office furniture installations

* Manage all accounts payable/receivable and human resources

* Manage installation crews

* Travel to represent QSI at industry conferences

* Quote jobs for private and government sector

* Complete punch lists

* Perform inspections of job sites

* Design and implement advertising and website to brand company image

* Schedule installations, shipments, meetings, vendor deliveries, etc


2000 - 2002 Dan Helms & Company, Pensacola, Florida

Office Manager / Property Appraiser and Real Estate Assistant

* Supply Procurement

* Delivery of completed appraisals

* Photographer of comparable homes on market

* Accounts Payable and Receivable



Brett Goller US Food Service 850.346.0075 - professional acquaintance


Don Astin InstallNET Atlanta 404.557.1104 - professional acquaintance


John Henley Stetson University 850.232.5749 - personal friend & coworker & co-manager


Chef Eric Troup Georgestone Technical 850.554.5522 - former coworker and co-manager

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