AudioCodes' Alan Percy on SIP and Unified Communications

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AudioCodes' Alan Percy on SIP and Unified Communications

Percy 2008 (478x640).jpg"Folks say, 'I've got a SIP-based contact center, and I've got a SIP-based PBX. They are both SIP, so they should just be able to plug right into each other."


Right? But AudioCodes' Alan Percy says, "The answer is often 'No.' Behind all that ... the SIP specification is a product of IETF which is the Internet Engineering Task Force. It is a committee-designed protocol specification. The side effect of that is there are 2-3 different suggested ways of how to implement a feature or function ... sort of duking it out ... Sure, we'll do all three or all five ... and the specifications for the protocol are loaded with numerous ways to accomplish the same thing. Vendors who build systems may select one of these mechanisms to implement their solution to be compliant, but unfortunately, with different systems from different vendors who choose different solutions or different protocol options ... find that two systems can't communicate directly without some kind of mediation between the two of them."

Listen to the talk between AudioCodes' Alan Percy and me on DIDX audio podcast channel. There are more great audio podcasts there, too, with experts in VoIP, mobile, M2M, rich or unified communiations, open source telephony and social media and networking for business.


Mr. Percy will present on the topics of "Why Your Enterprise Network Needs an SBC" and "Is Microsoft Lync Living up to the Hype?" at ITEXPO East 2013 in Miami Beach. During this DIDX audio podcast interview, Alan and I discuss SIP issues, history of AudioCodes company, its products and services and why we take part in TMC's ITEXPO East and West events. Visit http://www.itexpo.comand AudioCodes is one of the many highly respected IP communications and technologies companies who sponsor, present and exhibit at ITEXPO events. We thank DIDX (ITEXPO booth 337), BlockDos, MakeItSo, GoAnimate and Elegant Group Inc for sponsoring this educational podcast available on the DIDX audio podcast channel, Podbean and iTunes.

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