Mobile and Wireless to Take over IP Communications

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Mobile and Wireless to Take over IP Communications

Maybe not, but ...

On November 3, 2008
, I noted that out of five of my best girl friends, three had gotten rid of their landline phones. One was using Verizon on a Blackberry Curve. One was using T-Mobile. Another AT&T on a Nokia E61i like I was. The first was not interested yet in using mobile VoIP. I wanted to check out her Blackberry to see if it was capable even, never got to it. The second two were using Truphone, Fring, and checking out Nimbuzz since my blog post at of comparing mobile VoIP in October 2008.

Today, I am reading Yankee Group's 2010 predictions From Crisis to Opportunity. Number one states, "Cord-cutting will double yet again in 2010. Consumers will continue to drop land-line phone service in favor of mobile, and mobile broadband replacement will accelerate."

Annual reviews of DIDX statistics, show a larger and larger percentage of new members to buy and/or sell DID phone numbers who were wireless operators, MVNOs, etc. 

In the July 15, 2009 interview by TMC with me Suzanne Bowen, the word "mobile" was mentioned at least four times. 

1. RT: What's the strongest segment in the communications industry?

DM and SB: With Dee's background in medical informatics, she believes very much that software-driven unified communications, especially with wireless applications, are the communications industry winners. This is as opposed to traditional hardware-centric products. Why are smartphones from Nokia (News - Alert) and the iPhone so popular? Suzanne believes that people, in general, need to save time and money in as mobile and flexible a manner as possible. Any service or software or research that contributes to making communications simpler, more practical, flexible, mobile, more easily accessible by anyone, anywhere, anytime is assured of a strong position in the industry today.

2. RT: What device or devices do you use, and what do you wish you used?
DM and SB: Depends on what you mean by devices, but ... I Suzanne use an Linux Ubuntu (News - Alert) Asus netbook and Nokia e61i in any situation where I have to be extremely mobile. I use my Nokia and my Toshiba Portege R600-S4202 laptop otherwise. I'm also spoiled by my classic iPod for listening to music and, Voip Users Conference, and FreshAir podcasts. I have many other gadgets that I use occasionally and am open to trying as I have time.

3. RT: I understand you are exhibiting Sept. 1 to 3 at ITEXPO West in Los Angeles. What will you show there? Describe the companies or people who should come to your exhibit.
DM and SB: The DIDXchange booth will include suppliers and clients of DIDX who will share with booth visitors in English Russian, and Spanish how consumers, SMBs, government agencies, wholesale carriers, mobile operators and more can leverage direct inward dialing for increase revenue, market, mash-up businesses as well as decrease of customer churn. We will be ready to help entrepreneurs rebrand a local presence virtual phone number business that we host. Our DIDX members will be at the booth to give live testimonials (praise) and case studies (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Booth visitors will be to start selling DID (phone numbers), buying DID phone numbers from 60 countries, sign up for services or to start a business immediately and even get a free Ohio, USA phone number to start using right away.

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