White Label Cool Mobile Voice Video IM App Vippie

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White Label Cool Mobile Voice Video IM App Vippie

vippieperks_voiceswitch.pngVippie mobile dialer created more than a stir at ITEXPO East 2013, and now, those who can make it to Barcelona for GSMA World Mobile Congress ... can be a part of the action again. Some may think that I am such a blatant marketer or marketeer, but when I find any app, service, or product that is useful, life-enhancing, and lucrative, I am there sharing what the team behind it ... has to say. Vippie mobile app is available for white label, and it is compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Symbian.

Michael Bibleman notes the features and gives a demo on video.

Open the app, and you're greeted by a calmly colorful screen. Browse and choose from your phone contacts. Phone them, have a video chat (high quality VGA resolution), or instant message (IM). Send attachments such as short videos, audio notes and pictures. Vippie can be integrated with Social Hub, Facebook and GTalk on mobile devices. All of this for free.

Users can place phone calls to international phone numbers at much lower rates than using standard mobile phone service.

Thousands of downloads occur each day, so no wonder there was such a crowd of mobile operators, ISPs, VoIP companies, social networking companies, and other types of telecoms and entrepreneurs crowding the VIPPIE (VoIPSwitch) booth around the corner from me (DIDX - Techistan magazine booth) and Comptel.


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