CommunicAsia 2010 in Singapore Offers Online Business Matching Programme

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CommunicAsia 2010 in Singapore Offers Online Business Matching Programme

The Online Business Matching Programme for planned for CommunicAsia 2010 is provided by NGN - New Generation Network GmbH, Leipziger Strasse 126, 10117 Berlin, Germany. (Contact Mr. Gunnar Zidella.) This service is for CommunicAsia exhibitors. Just login to your CommunicAsia exhibitor area for the complete details, and send email to NGN the following:
1. A company description of up to 4,000 characters
2. 1 company logo (full colour)
3. Up to 5 product highlights (a 4,000-character description and 1 picture per product)

Once completed, your company profile, details, and needs for matching will be available for 365 days for business match-making! 

Be sure to consider participating in CommunicAsia as presenter, exhibitor, sponsor, and/or other type of participant. It is June 15-18, 2010. (This post is added March 29, 2010, for time to be early and plan well.) Keep in mind that CommunicAsia is co-located with Broadcast Asia 2010 and Enterprise 2010 in Singapore. 

Singapore is one of the most important business hubs in Asia and the World.

Our company's DIDXchange is a media partner for CommunicAsia 2010. We partner with global events that we believe will be the best opportunities for our 16,000+ wholesale service provider members to develop business like they need and want! We use our online and face to face media tools such as an online magazine, blogs, podcast channels and individual portals for each DIDX member to get the word out of must-attend conferences, tradeshows, seminars, workshops, and other events.

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