Shower April with Some IP Communications Events Please

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Shower April with Some IP Communications Events Please

29082008158.jpgFor some reason, March, May and October are slam-packed full in the East and West with IP communications-related conferences; whereas, April, July, August, and December are almost empty. The company who pays me once per month is Super Technologies (a mult-national group with multi-national vendors and customers in the IP communications, social networking, medical and media spaces), and either DIDXchange is a supporting organization sponsor or media partner OR our Techistan is a press/media partner at some the most inspiring conferences in both areas of the world. 

So, let me share with you a few in the East during April 2010, a slow month for the West. Believe me, if you have a cell phone or device that lets you insert a SIM card, you'll stay connected more cheaply than in the West.

COMNET'10 and IT EXPO is scheduled April 16-17, 2010 in Karachi, Pakistan at the Usman Institute of Technology. I've been to Pakistan many times and to Usman IT a few times. It's a colorful nation of women in beautiful sparkly shalwar kameez, entrepreneurs on every street, traffic that is somewhat like an ad hoc ballet where everyone seems to know how to move perfectly. The last time I was in Pakistan, I took a train ride from Karachi to Islamabad and visited in between Multan, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Lahore and many smaller cities and villages to meet with every wiress/mobile operator and PSTN carrier I could. Lovely memories, excellent business to this day. The Ahmeds, Masoods, and others were great hosts!

WiMAX 2010 New Delhi, India is sheduled April 23, 2010. I've never been to New Delhi but did go to Mumbai around 2000 when I gave a workshop on the empowerment of an ATA that let businesses and individuals dial up to the Internet and talk (voice over dialup ;-). Amin Merchant was a great host. Our company has some of the same lovely customers from 2000 and more and we have some great Super Technologies' team members in the area. Hello Yahya and guys!

3rd TeleCon 2010 is scheduled at the beautiful Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore, Pakistan. The Pearl is breathtaking. Lahore is headquarters for several remote offices of huge companies that have headquarters in China, USA, UAE, Kenya, Australia and more. Hello Arslaan!

Check for other conferences and tradeshows we partner with the goal to share the best ways to network, develop business, learn and teach each other in the IP communications industry. Think, too ... IP communications is behind almost everything we do and is capable of so much more.

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