To Potential Suppliers: SMBs in South Florida Attend ITEC Free

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To Potential Suppliers: SMBs in South Florida Attend ITEC Free

Are you a small business in Florida, Alabama, or Georgia? Send your decision makers to ITEC June 22, 2010 in Miami, Florida free. All CXOs and decison-making managers can participate free.  But wait, are you a potential supplier for businesses in Florida, Alabama, or Georgia? Consider exhibiting or sponsoring NOW... don't wait. 

ITEC is about educating business and technology decision makers on the issues and technologies that impact you in 2010. Learn how to invest in these technologies with best practices for immediate return. Don't worry. Participants will even learn how to integrate them with their current business systems.

The ITEC Conference Package includes:

  • Admission to ITEC conference programming and break-out sessions.
  • Access to the Expo Floor - meet the industry's top hardware, software and service providers focused on solutions that serve your unique technology needs.
  • Access includes morning keynote programs and midday keynote address
  • Access to all conference materials, presentations and handouts from presenters
  • Complimentary copy of the ITEC Event Guide onsite.
  • Lunch on the Expo Floor - ideal setting for networking and meeting peers and solutions providers.
  • Complimentary subscription to our weekly ITEC Connect Newsletter - valuable information and thought leadership on trends in Second Circle Innovation™, tips and free webinar programs to maintain year-round education.
  • Ongoing access to the ITEC White Paper and Case Study Library - an excellent reference site for information on technology solutions providers.

ITEC is designed to be time-saving and cost-efficient. Because of the Sponsors such as The DataCenter, FierceCIO, FierceMobile, securenet systems, CrossTech Partners,, Techistan magazine, Broward County Chamber of Commerce, Extricom, FiberLight, Quality Technology Services, and DIDXchange and also the Exhibitors such as Cyberoam, eset, GreenBytes, TargIT Business Intelligenc, conference attendance is free to qualified IT Professionals. Even lunch is sponsored free for the participants.

Sign up today and receive a complimentary year-long subscription to ITEC Connect, the enewsletter written by some of the leading thinkers in technology.

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