Sharing Geek to Teacher and Teacher to Geek Email Discussion

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Sharing Geek to Teacher and Teacher to Geek Email Discussion

From a popular blogger and IP communications and technologies product reviewer
Date: June 14, 2010

English teacher and Technology - that is an interesting combination!! Guess we have something in common there, I will be a geek turned teacher and you are a teacher turned geek :-)

I completely agree with you that there is a market for everything. However, the problem is information asymmetry. Most consumers are not aware of the options available to them and hence artificially restrict their consideration sets, making suboptimal choices. As an information intermediary, my (or other bloggers') role is to provide the consumers with reliable and unbiased information so that consumers can construct their consideration sets appropriately.

Reply from Suzanne:

I'm sending my total non-geek friends to your blog. Great job!

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