Where's that Ring Coming from?

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Where's that Ring Coming from?

Blog content can come from the most surprising locations, people and incidents! This one ... of my husband on Facebook and a cacophony of voice services and instruments' ringing tones.

Michael Bowen has a story to tell. "So, there I was getting ready for work this morning (naturally, I'm running behind!), when I hear a ringing tone which definitely was not my Samsung cell, Suzanne Bowen's Droid cell, or our home phone (8x8). First thought was it was Syed Murtaza Saleem calling me via Skype (with a Virtualphoneline DID and a MyDivert DID ringing to it). Naah, he knows I am usually on my way to work by now.

Michael Bowen: Come to find it was Suzanne's old Crackberry, which I have no clue how it operates. Took me fifteen solid minutes to realize it was the alarm on her Crackberry, which I couldn't shut off. Worse yet, I couldn't turn off the Crackberry. I had to settle for the "Apple-users shut-off protocol of last resort," that of unplugging the AC adapter, opening the battery compartment cover and removing the battery. The components are now safely sitting on the dryer. Since I love my wife I did NOT throw the Crackberry into the washing machine and run a cycle. :)

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