Facebook Wall Discussion on iPad, iPhone, ATT, Apple by Users

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Facebook Wall Discussion on iPad, iPhone, ATT, Apple by Users

Daily, I thank my Facebook and Linkedin networks as well as those I follow and those who follow me on Twitter. Why? So many reasons, but one of them is the fun blog posts they allow me after I get their permission. ;-)

So, here's the latest.

Ron V.: So you have the iPhone I take it? Have you jailbroken it?

Suzanne Bowen: No iPhone yet. We're publicizing the iPhone/iPad DevCon event for Sept. 2010 in San Diego though. We bought a few iPads for the company. One is trying to figure out how to make it work on something besides AT&T. A bit difficult because it's in a country outside USA and one that has no mobile company with affiliation with AT&T. That's the end of my essay.
Ron V.: Ah, the jailbreak programs I understand do work beautifully, but if you update your product thru iTunes, this most recent update includes a REPAIR of jailbroken phones and blocks 3rd party applications which jailbreak them again. Im sure that once Apple breaks up with ATT, there will be a nice solution since phone service isnt involved with the iPad

Michael Bowen: The only way I'd have an iPhone is if it was jailbroken.
 Ron V.: I had one since first gen. and I love the product, but ATT has just about made me a H8TR. The only thing for which I would want to "jailbreak" mine is to use the iPhone as a tethered modem for my MacBookPro while on the go. I cant see paying ATT another $90/mo just to have crappy wifi and 3G coverage when I need computing and not just communications which are the limits of the cell phone.

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