A Song for Unified Communications

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A Song for Unified Communications

Okay, so you could call it a Somewhere over the Rainbow spoof, but I was playing around with writing lyrics for different companies' marketing and advertising projects including our own (Super Technologies, DIDX, Techistan, etc.) and a friend of mine Jamesopera said he would sing this one.

You'll also see guys and gals from different companies in the video who have something to do with Unified Communications ... which is the topic of this video: Avaya, TMC, D2 Technologies, Inc., Paetec, Telefonica, Comtel-Networks, Nokia, Shoretel, Turktel, Phone.com, Iotum Corporation, Cisco, fring, Siemens, Mitel, IceWarp, Radvision, etc.

Here are the lyrics:

Anywhere throughout the Internet
Way out there
Lie the goals that you made up
Once in a first class seat (a few sheets to the wind in the Cloud)

Everywhere despite lack of spectrum
Videos, voice, and text stream seamlessly
Over every device that you wished for
Text could even be converted to VM ... ooh ooooh

This day I'll wish upon an Asterisk
Wake up where the latency will be far behind us
Where companies deploy IP networks
High inside the Cloud puffs, where they'll store it all

Somewhere after the last of PSTN ...

Techistan International Awards invites you to apply for the Unified Communications Award as well as 25 other awards at http://www.tinyurl.com/techistaninternationalawards. You'll get lots of publicity in return. Tell them that JamesOpera from Fiverr sent you.

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