Mark Terry, Esq. on Intellectual Property and Telecom Sourcing

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Mark Terry, Esq. on Intellectual Property and Telecom Sourcing

mark_terry.jpgEmbarrassed that your company needs an intellectual property lawyer? 
It is better to be embarrassed and still secure the services of a lawyer in  cases where your company's intellectual property has been infringed upon or where your company has infringed upon another entity's intellectual property.  After less than a twenty minute conversation with Mark Terry, a patent and trademark law attorney, I am convinced that there are thousands in the IP (Internet-Protocol) Communications industry who need to understand their legal rights and responsibilities in this area of law.

Readers are invited to listen to the recording of a conversation with Mark Terry, a recognized expert in patent and trademark law, Mark Terry is regularly featured in publications and journals.

The attorney is a presenter in three panels during ITEXPO East's SUITS conference which is all about . Registration and a complete listing of the presentations is available at SUITS stands for "Synapses Under Intellectual Protocol / Patents Telecom Sourcing."

When you contract with a company that utilizes independent contractors or directly with an independent contractor to create, revise, or manipulate software code, who owns that intellectual property? The buyer of the service who plans to use the code? The company who was contracted to provide software development? Or the individual developer who was sent to the buyer to fufill the job? Many will be shocked at Attorney Mark Terry's answer. (By the way, early in Mark's professional career, he was a software engineer.)

What happens when company A wants to buy company B, and B has software code that was created by an independent contractor? Sit back and think about how many 1000s of companies use Elance, Odesk, IdeaBounty, Fiverr and other sites that match companies with independent contractors for development of what is IP (not Internet Protocol in this case, but instead ... intellectual property)? 

Does anyone think that just because an image is published online, that it is up for grabs? A common catastrophe! A business's web developers find the perfect picture on the Internet that perfectly convey the intended message on a web page. They add it. A year later, the company may receive a cease and desist later from a stock photo company who owns and a bill of hundreds if not thousands of dollars due. Uh oh. What to do?

What are non-practicing entities, and why do we all need to understand what they do and how they can affect a practicing entities' rights to the revenue from the practice?

When is an invention patent-able and / or trademark-able? Listen to the podcast for an great introduction and sign up now at for invaluable education in patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property law. Bring your questions with you about your business situations.

Mark Terry has a popular intellectual property blog at, and the company's website is at I send my thanks to Noreen Rucinski for introducing me to Mr. Terry. She is one of those in charge of the SUITS event at ITEXPO East 2012 in Miami Beach.

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