Myriad of Mobile ALM Advantages According to DeviceAnywhere's Leila Modarres

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Myriad of Mobile ALM Advantages According to DeviceAnywhere's Leila Modarres

deviceanywherez2.jpgDeviceAnywhere, a privately held company in San Mateo, considered the industry leader in mobile application lifecycle management, was awarded the the 2011 Frost & Sullivan Global Customer Value Enhancement Award for being a pioneer in Mobile Application Lifecycle Management (mALM). DeviceAnywhere was presented this honor, not only because of its leading position in the mALM market, but also its demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for customers. It is also actively participating in one of 2011's most exciting conferences and expos in Austin, Texas ... ITEXPO West, September 13-15th.

The CEO Faraz Syed is a presenter on the Enterprise Track panel discussion titled 'Managing the Deluge of Third-Party Devices and Apps in the Enterprise', and the mobile industry trailblazer is also giving live demos at booth number 325 in the Exhibition Hall at the Austin Convention Center.

AstraQom's VP of Business Development interviewed Leila Modarres, DeviceAnywhere's VP of Marketing to share information about DeviceAnywhere, mobile testing, and mALM. The audio podcast is sponsored by and and is available for download in part one and part two to mp3 players, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices for listening to and learning from online and offline on DIDX, AstraQom, and iTunes podcast channels.

First, in an attempt to be as neutral as possible, let's learn from a third party, what is mobile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)? Wikpedia crowd-sourcers say it is a continuous process of managing the life of an application through governance, development and maintenance. ALM is the marriage of business management to software engineering made possible by tools that facilitate and integrate requirements of management of architecture, coding, testing, tracking, and release. It increases productivity of developers, improves quality to better meet needs and expections of users, removes time wasted on maintenance, and increases flexibility to support new business initiative.

In an effort, again, to do my best to provide a balanced view of topics on the blog Monetizing IP Communications, I asked my network on Twitter if mobile applications lifecycle management is really the best way to go ... or  does it just  increase vendor lock-in and cause single point of failure (two main arguments of naysayers)? Why or why not? No responses yet.

Meanwhile, back to Ms. Modarres! She has ten years of extensiveleilamodarres.jpg marketing, communications and public relations experience and management roles  with startups and multi-national companies such as Virtual Iron and InnerWireless. Some of the strategic partners she was instrumental in gaining, include IBM, Intel, HP, AMD, EMC Corporation, and Agilent Technologies. DeviceAnywhere serves highly respected entities such as Allstate, McAfee, Best Buy, MTV, Facebook, GE Healthcare and eBay's

Leila Modarres states, "The area that we are focusing on is to offer an environment that enables clients to test and 'QA' their applications to make sure they perform up to par and are reliable across the many different devices, platforms, and carriers."

She adds later in the audio podcast, "Everyone wants to offer some aspect of their product and service on mobile platforms. That has evolved. It is not just about games and other consumer-oriented applications, but also many enterprises have adopted mobile [in-house] to ensure that employees are empowered 'on the go.' Some examples might be, CRM and ERP type applications. Clients go to DeviceAnywhere to make sure that applications are secure, reliable and are working properly."

Mobile application lifecyle managment is known for enhanced testing and collaboration tools that save time and reduce expenses. How? Problems are reproduced and studied by experts and making clear proof of failures and online handset sharing. For example, devices can be tested with DeviceAnywhere by plugging them directly into a computer, in a shared lab environment, or hosted by DeviceAnywhere. 

Dan Shey, ABI Research states, "DeviceAnywhere addresses the short-term and long-term needs of businesses committed to mobilizing their workforce. They have been in the mobile application testing business longer than any other supplier, and offer the broadest portfolio of services," in whitepaper titled "Is Your Business Ready for Mobile?"

Leila and I discuss much more, but there are some things that we agree are a reality, and also that DeviceAnywhere performs an integral part for companies' success. First, when organization or individual users try to use an application on a mobile device and have problems with it, a likely result is that they will leave and go to a competitor. Second, many activities on mobile devices need quality security such as when it involves transferring funds and dealing with sensitive customer information.

Feel free to listen to the podcast in parts ONE and TWO with Leila Modarres of DeviceAnywhere and me Suzanne Bowen of AstraQom. The podcasts are sponsored by AstraQom (innovative hosted provider and social media niche partner) and DIDX (wholesale marketplace for buy/sell DID among 20K USA and international IP communications providers).

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