Suzanne's Friend Searching for Mobile App Developer to Work Remotely

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Suzanne's Friend Searching for Mobile App Developer to Work Remotely

(First, I am looking for someone who is in Chicago or driving distance who is honest, good with talking to people, but also technically literate especially in the area of security who is interested in a 3-4 day job. Please contact me on Linkedin or Facebook if this fits you or someone you know. This is for something I need.) Resolved, thanks to industry friends!

There's a great opportunity for a MOBILE APP DEVELOPER who wants to work from anywhere (remotely). Contract or contract-to-hire. I have a friend who is CEO of a technical talent match company. Her SMB client is hiring but is willing to hire someone to work  remotely, so location doesn't matter. Honesty, talent, ability to follow directions, and hardwork attitude are a must.

They're looking for a Mobile Developer - IPhone, Android, Blackberry - someone who has been building user-facing applications (desktop, web, and/or mobile) for at least five years and has been writing Android apps for at least a year. 

They value people who can work on their own to get something done and out the door quickly. But they also want developers who know when to slow down, get input from other people on the team, and make sure that what they're building today will accelerate what they need to do tomorrow. 

- Understand the Android UI guidelines but aren't limited by them 
- Have something to say about security, both on-device and off-device 
- Can talk knowledgeably in English about structured and unstructured data and how people interact with such data. 
- 3+ years mobile development with iOS and/or Java (Android/Blackberry) using mobile SDK's , Windows Mobile. 
- Ability to collaborate effectively in teams and to communicate technology issues to both technical and non-technical audiences 
- Be prepared to tell us about one mobile app that you really admire and one thing you think that app should have done differently. Also, must provide samples of your work either through an online store or provide sample of work-in-progress that we can view on our mobile devices.

Absolute requirements Include: 
- developed and gone through complete submission process to Android app store 
- iPhone development experience (submitted app to app store) can handle a port 
- experience porting from iPhone to android plus 
- implemented sharing to Twitter and Facebook in an android app 
- implemented image gallery that uses data from net (i.e json feed) 
- using location services on android 
- submitting a post request from an app to a URL 
- experience working on a project that they did not start (preexisting code base they had to read, learn, and add to) 

Leave me a message on Linkedin or Facebook if you are a perfect match for this or you know someone who is. 
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