Caroline Gabriel, a Wise Woman in Wireless to Speak at 4G Latin America Conference

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Caroline Gabriel, a Wise Woman in Wireless to Speak at 4G Latin America Conference

Women in Telecom Breakfast ITEXPO and 4GWEMy own trek from the fields of English instruction to technology innovation and content-sharing, in general, from my middle school teaching days of web editing, voice and video over Internet via Vocaltec's Internet phone and CU-SeeMe ... to co-founding Super Technologies and its CTO and co-owner Rehan Allahwala's inventions of Virtual Phone Line and DIDX ... to my current work with AstraQom in social and business media, networking, and industry and ethnically targeted services ... has made me an obsessive lifelong learner.

Of my newest studies and interests, the world of wireless and mobile technology stands tall. Why? I remember when no one I knew had a cell phone, and now, we all expect all of our devices to keep us wirelessly and remotely mobile and connected. A second interest of mine is finding and showcasing leading women in technology because they inspire me and there are so few of them. 

I stumbled upon some research in an online paid subscription site called Rethink that is headed by expert Caroline Gabriel.  Caroline is one of the proposed speakers for 4G Latin America Conference (a part of the 4G World set of global conferences that AstraQom and DIDX are a media partner for). Her team's analysis of global wireless news and technology keep readers informed. The history of, the current state of and the future of WIMAX, LTE, and mobile Internet are demystified. How standard practices are being supplanted or even superimposed, and all involved can stay abreast at Wireless Watch Rethink. Ms. Gabriel's leadership makes available the latest in service delivery, applications, charging models, and who to pay attention to among the global and local players and how they connect.

The Wireless Watch website has a great summary of the current state of wireless: "The result is that the battle lines for cellular wireless have never been more complex. Wi-Fi demonstrated the consumer need for flat rate services, 3G failed totally as cure-all broadband wireless, HSPA is now borrowing the flat rate approach in order to keep WiMAX at bay, while the cellular giants have accelerated LTE at breakneck speed to shut out previous OFDM formats." 

In a December 12, 2011 article, Caroline discusses the frustration that AT&T and TMobile's parent company Deutsche Telekom over the US Department of Justice's wish to postpone the AT&T/TMo deal trial. There seems to be more than meets the eye that is actually counting on this deal and the sooner the better, even to combat the eurozone crisis! 

Judge may think that AT&T are playing a strategy game, but AT&T lawyers plead that they are not. 

On another note, remember, Meg Whitman, former eBay CEO is the new CEO and President of Hewlett-Packard, right? (I like HP laptops, but their printers seem so un-user friendly. I have screamed at every HP printer I have bought. Beside the point, I know.) Ms. Gabriel also shared on December 12th her thoughts on Hewlett-Packard's mobile OS move to open source ... into what she calls "commercial oblivion." She says that OS was why HP acquired Palm in the first place, the first mobile smart device I was introduced to. (My German fast runner friends Christian and Petra used them these little pens. I was impressed, but that was in 2004. I bought my first smartphone in 2007, a Nokia E61i, very cool device.) The webOS and app framework ENYO will be available under open source license freely available. HP says it will be an "active participant and investor" in the process, but so far doesn't offer details on how.

A bit more insight on Caroline Gabriel ... on Linkedin, she is a member of groups for Alvarion Ltd., Fundamental Tech Trading, Global Telecoms Business, LTE Focus, Rethinking TV, and The Open Patent Alliance. This reminds me to remind you that ITEXPO East colocated with 4GWE has a new component called SUITS Conference, produced and directed by TMC and Rucinski Enterprise, Inc. for the first time! Interested parties can submit their proposals, but the presentation program may be full. 

AstraQom and DIDX are media partners for 4G Latin America, scheduled conference and exhibition on June 18-20, 2012 in Lima, Peru. The two are also a media partner for 4G Wireless Evolution in lovely Miami Beach, Florida from February 1-3, 2012. Be sure to have the ladies in your organization sign up for our Women in Wireless And Telecom Breakfast on Feb. 2 Thursday during 4GWE. Just contact me on Linkedin, or just RSVP them on the event listing there. Feel free to visit and sign up to participate in both conferences now.

More audio, video and text media, by me Suzanne Bowen and others I work with, include information about wireless and mobile are on Youtube, AstraQom, Viddler, DIDX and TMC. Contact me to schedule an interview with your company expert about wireless, mobile, unified or rich communications, social media and networks and applications ... both monetized and nonprofit activities we would like to showcase.
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