Vive IP - IP Lives Conference in Cali, Colombia

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Vive IP - IP Lives Conference in Cali, Colombia

clubcampestre_colombia_viveip.jpg"Long live IP," I can imagine many of us would happily shout together because of the billions of lives that IP has empowered. Because of IP, new businesses, applications, technologies, jobs, innovations, inventions, and possibilities are ours for the making and taking. An industry friend of mine named Sandra Diaz Hoyos, president of Smart Network Solutions, is working with a global set of highly-respected companies to make available the Vive IP Conference, scheduled October 18, 2012 at the Club Campestre in Cali, Colombia.

Vive IP, IP Lives by Smart Network Solutions is like one of those mandatory appointments, businesses do not want to miss for effective socialization and experiential knowledge. The event is targeted for professionals, decision-makers, and staff in leading organizations nationwide and worldwide who provide, need or are interested in crucial issues related to communication technologies networks, IP telephony and data security. 

Vive IP, IP Lives by Smart Network Solutions, is pleased to offer sponsoring organizations the opportunity to benefit from the following:

- Conference Presenters: Interact as presenters with Vive IP, IP Lives participants regarding their (the sponsor) expertise, experience, thought leadership and brand.

- Mail Marketing, Mailing and Fax: The event will be announced in publicity campaigns using updated databases of the industry (over 1000 records of local and national Colombian IT and financial executives of organizations).

- Social Media: The event will be published in the most popular, respected social networks that are the most relevant in the world market.

- Telemarketing Tracking: Ongoing telemarketing campaigns are planned, with the aim of reinforcing the above actions and to achieve maximum flow of IP managers to Vive IP, IP Lives by Smart Network Solutions.

Contact Sandra Ximena Diaz Hoyos, C.E.O. at Smart Network Solutions, for rewarding sponsorship opportunities at:

Cell Colombia. +57.314.794.3468
USA +1.305.507.8840 ext 106 or ext 101 or ext 115
Cell USA. +1.786.282.6641Fax      +1.305.402.5940
Colombia +57.2.620.7075 ext 106
Skype. sandryximena

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