Bristol Palin Dancing Annoying Liberals Everywhere!

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and professional dancing partner Mark Ballas pose backstage after the premiere of ABC's series Dancing with the Stars Season 11 in Los Angeles September 20, 2010. REUTERS/Fred Prouser (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Nothing gets the Left in a crazy tizzy more than the name "Palin". Apparently, it isn't exclusive to Sarah Palin, since Bristol Palin has inherited the gene. Thank you Bristol Palin for providing continuing popcorn entertainment allowing us conservatives watch the Left stomp like a spoiled little child that didn't get their way. Their preferred socialist choices (aka Democrats) in the midterms got crushed dealing Obama a blow to his ego and political power and now the daughter of Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin has a shot at bringing home the prize.

America's Right said it well:
Across the country, the reactions were even more pronounced.  Good Morning America ran a seven-minute piece which alleged that Tea Partiers were rigging the voting at Dancing With The Stars (dancers are saved or eliminated based upon an aggregate of one-half judge’s scores and one-half audience voting), commenters at The Huffington Post insist that “if Bristol Palin wins, the whole season was rigged,”  leftist Web site posted an article entitled How Palin Conservatives Are Cheating the DWTS Voting System, and the local Philadelphia Fox affiliate ran a sting operation of sorts, showing how multiple voting accounts can be created by those willing to spend hours astroturfing support for Bristol.
So now the Tea Party people are "cheating" in their votes to help Bristol win? First of all, the Left/Democrats are the ones who cheat elections (see Al Franken stealing election). Secondly, hasn't the Left been down this conspiratorial road before - doubting that Sarah Palin was the mother of Trig? C'mon! Does the Left have any logic left in their brains whatsoever?

Let's even assume supporters of the tea party are stacking the votes for Bristol Palin. Don't you think the hatred the Left has for ATP (All Things Palin) would cause them to vote against her by stuffing the ballot for her competitors? Hell, one guy shot his TV and turned the gun on his wife after Bristol Palin made it to the Dancing with the Stars finals.

Maybe they just thought the pink sign with the smileys was cute? (Though she should have written "Refudiate the Socialist Left! Vote Bristol Palin!)

I do sympathize with the Left though, especially after their midterm election shellacking. The Palins are everywhere you turn. Not only does the Left have to contend with Sarah Palin being a NY Times Best Seller (Going Rogue), but her show on The Learning Channel (TLC), Sarah Palin's Alaska has set viewer records. Sarah Palin was named in Time Magazine's 2010 Top 100 world's most influential people. She's grown quite a bit and every Lefty news outlet in the world eagerly awaits her next tweet or Facebook post. Sarah is on Fox News as a contributor and analyst speaking on the politics of the day. I agree with America's Right, which said "she has shown growth in terms of her understanding of domestic and foreign policy and her articulation of conservative principles."

The Left wants Sarah Palin to run in 2012 because they think it'll be easier for President Obama to win. I say careful what you wish for - nearly everything she's tried so far has been a smashing success.

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