Did Keith Olbermann Just Pull a Rahm Emanuel?


Our last Patriot Talk post yesterday focused on Keith Olbermann and delved into his dismissal of the Tea Party this past March and accusations of Tea Partiers and Republicans as having no conscience, no relevancy, being behind the wheel of a political Toyota and a home for nuts. We pointed out how wrong this man was - because rarely has anyone been so inaccurate with any comment. We further suggested he take a vacation as we saw his face on election night and sympathized with him - seeing how much stress he was under.

Today, Mr. Olbermann was suspended from NBC for violating the company's code of conduct which involved donating money to Democratic candidates. We are quite certain other conservatives - like us are surprised to hear MSNBC had been adhering to any code of conduct until this point.

The good news for Mr. Olbermann is he can finally take that trip to Cuba we suggested yesterday - the bad news is of course that one of most popular Tea Party bashers won't be on TV each day reporting on how a party which he dismissed as racist, fringe and extreme has caused an election swing not seen in over half a century - since 1938 to be exact. We really would have liked to have an opportunity to see how he dealt with the new reality he has adamantly and publicly denied for so long.

Moreoever this blog was looking forward to how Mr. Olbermann would be explaining how such a group of racists elected Cuban-American Marco Rubio as Senator in Florida by such a wide margin.

Then again, perhaps Mr. Olbermann found an easy way out of his contract allowing him to jump from a sinking Democratic ship... Not unlike Rahm Emanual, Obama's Chief of Staff who bailed on the President before the elections in order to pursue his own political ambitions.

Update: Apparently an on-air apology would had saved his job.

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Unless you live in Florida and watched the drama unfold, you would be surprised by Rubio winning.

A little hypocritical of MSNBC since Olberman wasn't the only one to give money to candidates. I'd say that's TV news, but we don't have news in this country. We have entertainment parading as newz (spelling intentional).

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