Moderate Democrat Says Obama Tone Deaf

Sure you might expect Republicans to say President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are tone deaf after listening to them not connect huge Democrat losses with the fact that the country was voting against many of their policies. But when a moderate Democrat starts calling the White House "tone deaf" and saying there is a disconnect between the White House and the rest of the country, you realize the Democratic party has major problems.

Of course the Obama, Pelosi, Reid agenda is exactly what the country just voted against and amazingly, none of our leaders seem to get it.

Politico's Jonathan Martin has the details about these comments made by
Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Alex Sink on Politico.

Sink's closing comments perhaps are most important as they sum up what the American people have been saying for about a year,
“They just need to be better listeners and be better at reaching out to people who are on the ground to hear about the realities of their policies as well as politics.”

Obama for his part continues to be defiant and rigidly ideological about his policies - he said he has spent too much time legislating and not enough time persuading. Yet, no president in recent memory has made more speeches in less time.

The sense of this blog is that we don't expect the White House to pivot to the center like President Clinton - instead we should all be prepared for more speeches, more explaining, more YouTube videos, more Facebook entries and tweets.

But we would like to point out the media that the President is using are of the two-way variety - and we wonder, we really wonder - does the White Hous actually check to see what other people are saying on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter or will they be the only ones doing the "persuading?"

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