The Myth of US Green Jobs

When you have no business experience and are great at speaking you can say things like we will solve our jobs crisis with green jobs. And people will listen and even elect you President. Unfortunately, anyone who has ever looked at the labels on the products they buy know the cheapest place to make anything is in China and there is no way to easily change this fact - regardless of what you manufacture and regardless of how large the subsidy.

See the details of a California-based solar company which was forced to close a plant due to competition from China - this regardless of the fact that there were $1.5B of subsidies and loan guarantees the company enjoyed.

We do believe that green breakthroughs can and will continue to be made in the US - but similar to what we see with Apple - every one US job will coincide with 10 or so in China.

This is exactly why we disagree 100% with the President who is looking to raise taxes on small businesses - we believe you should not only keep the taxes low on these entrepreneurs but lower them from where they are today. Of course the President has very few green jobs to show for all the spending which has been done on stimulus and the like - but don't expect him to admit he is wrong about his job-creating strategy - ever.
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