Steve Wynn Explains Why Obama Policies are Hurting US Workers


He explains Obama’s populist rhetoric is carefully designed to hide the truth

This week I discussed why US politicians are more responsible for job losses than the iPad as some politicians would suggest. But today I thought it made great sense to explain what one of the most successful US businesspersons and employers has to say about the current political environment and moreover, how it is hurting US workers. Steve Wynn was on the Neil Cavuto show last night and in a no-nonsense style he explained how Obamacare is directly hurting his employees through higher copays they now must make.

He continues to explain how the living standard of working people is deteriorating materially because of government policies and he cites inflation and the rising prices for items at Wal-Mart as an example.

He continues to explain that the more accurate term for what Obama does in his speeches is not “being disingenuous” but instead “lying.” He goes on –to say when the President Obama says millionaires and billionaires should pay their fair share – he doesn’t mention the vast majority of US small businesses pay taxes as individuals meaning if such an entity was to make $4-$5M, they deduct their living expenses and take what’s left and open another store or factory. And this of course means more hiring.

Moreover, 20% or more of these profits are tied up in inventory or receivables meaning these people really didn’t have the money to begin with.

He continues to say if you want to lie and misrepresent, you’ll call them millionaires and billionaires but these people are the job engine of America.

Another major point is that he is giving raises to his employees but their standard of living is decreasing. In other words, the policies being pushed by the Obama administration are hurting workers today – the argument isn’t about the next generation or the following one – the problems being created hurt us all this minute.

Moreover, he adds the point that people seem to be transfixed talking about what the government is giving us but what is not discussed is what the government is taking away. By this he means the quality of life is being deteriorated in real-time because of the falling value of the dollar.

Perhaps most important and an argument I hear more and more by people who just can’t stand to hear the President as he has begun his campaign for 2012 is “The populist rhetoric is carefully designed to hide the truth.”

In closing he says he would be very happy to debate anyone who has the gumption to stand up and tell the truth which may mean we can expect Steve Wynn to run for office. The video above is a must watch for everyone.

Written by Rich Tehrani

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