Fios - $1,000 per household - not even close!

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Fios - $1,000 per household - not even close!

As I mentioned in my last post, Verizon has started installing Fios down our street.  It's fascinating process to see how the contractor buries the conduit that will eventually carry the fibreoptic cable all the way down the street and to each home. 

You can see in this photo looking across the street just one of the excavators, trucks and other heavy equipment the contractors are using to do the installation. 

What is amazing to me is how difficult this installation actually is to complete and the pace.  It took a crew of four guys and untold pieces of equipment to run a conduit under the street to the curb box on my side of the street.  In four day they have finished about six houses with many more to go before being done with just my one street. 

Oh, and if you wondered if our regular phone lines survived the digging - they dug those up within 15 minutes of unloading the equipment.  Thank god for cell phones.

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