CES - My "What in the World?" Award winner is....

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CES - My "What in the World?" Award winner is....

By now you've all heard about all the cool techno-gizmos at CES - yeah, been there done that. When I go to CES, I try to find the weirdest and most unusual product for my annual "What in the world is that?" award.

This year, the 2013 award goes to PTP Licensing, who was showing a "Plasmic Transition Process Engine".
Plasma Transition Engine
Plasma Transition Engine prototype at CES

The mad-scientist-looking gentleman working the booth explained that the engine works using inert gases in a opposed configuration two piston engine (like most Subarus have), with sparks from four spark plugs in each cylinder causing a plasma "gas burst" inside the cyclinders to drive the engine. The plasma is contained using strong magnetic fields and does not release any radiation or other emissions to the air (other than the inert gas).

The engine reportedly runs cool, uses little gas to operate and is very efficient.

Only issue is, I couldn't figure out how it would fit in my time travel DeLorean ?



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