SIP Trunking for TDM PBXs?

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SIP Trunking for TDM PBXs?

This last few months we've started to see growing opportunities with SIP Trunking partners, helping them with media gateways to connect their services with end-customers that want to retain their legacy TDM PBXs.  

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There are a number of reasons for this interest:

Cost Reduction - SIP Trunking allows SMBs to reduce their local and long distance charges and eliminate the need for separate T1 telephone circuits.  With SIP Trunking, all their voice and data traffic share the same physical last mile connection.

Saving the PBX - The vast majority of today's installed base is still using TDM PBXs.  Many SMBs and enterprises upgraded their TDM PBXs back in 1999, preparing for Y2k.  Many of these are still working perfectly and have years of useful life remaining.  Why toss out a perfectly good business tool, especially with the current economic situation?

Simplying The Process - instead of trying to decide on a complete communications infrastructure upgrade and try decide on a new IP-PBX, just upgrade the part they need now (cost savings).  The typical IP-PBX decision process takes close to a year, issuing RFIs, evaluations, getting buy in from all the departments.   Start saving money now!

Security - until all the issues with SIP security are fully addressed, this architecture is the most secure means to keep hackers out of your network.

Right Place at the Right Time - To date, most of the noise at the industry trade shows has been about SIP Trunking with IP-PBX, which fills the rooms and creates buzz.  However, what about the millions of TDM PBXs out there?  It seems to me that this is the bigger market that can be addressed now.

Stay tuned as this discussion continues....

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