Social Media v Corporate Culture

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Social Media v Corporate Culture

Earlier today, I sat through a webinar titled "Social Media and the Law", a discussion on the laws that effect social media.  Much of it was pretty predictable - stories of employees leaking information, brokers
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promoting stocks, sexual harassment, etc.  As with email and instant messaging, people seem to have a tendency to type first, then think.

An article in today's USA Today also discusses the hazards of Tweeting first, then doing the fact checking second.  

Back to the webinar:  the event was hosted by a company that offers "social media management" software, allowing companies to review, approve and track virtually all social media postings by employees.  Sounds like a giant huge wet blanket, surely to snuff out any relevance and spontaneity that makes social media so powerful.

Instead of buying expensive software and playing big-brother, I have a suggestion:  How about training your employees on social media, explaining how it can effect the company, the consequences and set policies about posting confidential information?

Sure sounds far less expensive to me.  Love to hear your thoughts?  (if your company let's you share them)
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