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June 2009

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Links Are More Than Good Social Currency

June 24, 2009

...They are also good manners.  Although "imitation is the greatest source of flattery" (Charles Caleb Colton - he came up with a bunch of gems), who doesn't like getting attribution?

Chris Brogan explains the courtesy that links give.  The 140-character limitation on Twitter makes it tricky to give attribution, but there's no reason not to add a link.

Check out Chris's post.


Lorna Lyle

EZ Pass for Dunkin Run

June 23, 2009

So the hot topic in offices across the country today, besides the big Jon and Kate split - what a shock, as if, is the new app for iPhones, the Dunkin Run. An app with function. That's the kind of app that will motivate me to upgrade my Razor. As everyone here knows I am a fan of the Dunkin. Of course while this makes it easy to order, my question is what about the pick up. Are those utilizing these technologies to order our coffees and donuts in advance actually expected to wait in line to pick up? The horror, to be forced to wait in line with people ordering at the counter! We had a brief discussion here about that and think there should be an "EZ Pass" line for these advanced iPhone app orders.    Jan Pierret  

Webinars are a hot ticket for lead generation this summer!

June 19, 2009

TMCnet Webinars are the hot ticket this summer for lead generation. TMCnet Webinars attracted 400 registrants per event last summer and is expected to attract as many or more this summer. 

While companies scale back their budgets and eliminate attendance at educational conferences, Webinars serve as a valuable training platform. While company representatives can no longer attend off-site events to learn about, research and evaluate new products at shows, Webinars bring this needed information directly to them on site, at their own desk.
Webinars are a valuable marketing opportunity. TMCnet Webinars allow companies to reach hundreds of prospects, raise awareness of their brand and promote their offerings. While providing an educational platform, the company hosting the event becomes the industry expert and can even engage with the audience answering questions from participants during the event. 
While most companies tend to back off over the summer and wait for September to start up their marketing initiatives, the smarter marketer will grab the market share while competition is down and capture summer leads.

New Video: Channel on TMCnet

June 16, 2009

If you'd like to know more about what goes into a Channel on TMCnet, how it works, and the search engine optimization Channels typically achieve, then watch this video: http://www.tmcnet.com/tmc/videos/CamtasiaVideos.aspx?vid=1184

Lorna Lyle

The New Era of Local Marketing - Twitter on local promotions

June 10, 2009

Although I'm still in the dark ages and use my cell phone strictly for phone calls, I do plan to upgrade my phone and service plan sometime in the distant future when I trade in my Razor for a new and improved mobile handheld device. For now, texting and mobile email access is on hold.  I look forward to joining the millions who currently live by their Blackberries and iPhones and get to use cool applications to find restaurants, bathrooms and bargains!  The potential for local mobile marketing is just starting to be realized by local merchants.

As a marketer the concept of this new age of marketing is exciting.  Delivering instant promotions adds a new dimension to local marketing options.  Mobile marketing gives the mom and pops shops a unique opportunity to take advantage of this new platform to reach consumers instantly and promote their offerings.
After reading "Local Advertising Slumping - but Will Soar on Handhelds" on Media Buyer Planner, mobile advertising is slated to be the hottest ticket in local marketing. Out with the newspapers, billboards, and direct mail.  In with the mobile marketing. 
I think Twitter is the first to deliver local mobile marketing campaign success. Twitter offers local merchants fast, easy, accessible and budget-friendly way to distribute their promotions. 
Twitter's ease of use and instant messaging service has created an outlet for spontaneous promotions.  As indicated by Amy Tierney, TMCnet Web Editor, "Resort Taps Twitter for Room Giveaway", it seems a North Carolina inn marked it's 96th birthday by launching a Twitter campaign offing 96 free rooms by responding to their Tweet. Success came in just 90 minutes, which is all it took to fill the 96 rooms. 
A quick text can create a flurry of activity.

Go ITEXPO - An Integrated Marketing Promotion

June 5, 2009

  Go ITEXPO is the newest promotion for the INTERNET TELEPHONY, also available for Customer Interaction Solutions magazines.  It is a comprehensive marketing promotion offering opportunities in print, ITEXPO and online.    This is a three-issue promotion.  Print ads will run in July, August and September.  It is also supported by online and show advertising making this a strong integrated marketing opportunity.  This promotion will optimize your company's exposure at ITEXPO and utilize our strengths of being the most powerful media in IP Communications across multiple platforms - in print, in person and online.   The Go ITEXPO promotion is a comprehensive marketing solution from INTERNET TELEPHONY. This promotion will optimize your company's exposure at ITEXPO and utilize our strengths of being the most powerful media in IP Communications across multiple platforms - in print, in person and online.   Now you can join forces with the power of INTERNET TELEPHONY and the Go ITEXPO promotion has a package to fit your budget.    In Print - Select a full, half, third or quarter page ad! Since 1998, INTERNET TELEPHONY has been the IP communications authority with more than 225,000 readers monthly*.  Your full page ad will generate action as 60% of readers say that an ad in INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine has influenced their purchase of a product or service**.

Capturing Companies' URLs, Not Just Conversions

June 4, 2009

Here is an insightful article about how focusing on conversions may be overlooking opportunities to contact potential prospects.


BTW, TMC can provide URLs to GOC owners.

Lorna Lyle