First Coffee for November 23, 2005

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First Coffee for November 23, 2005

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is “Gimme Back My Dog” by Slobberbone:

Thanksgiving is First CoffeeSM’s all-time favorite holiday, as it’s proven itself to be fairly impervious to commercialization, and has retained its historical, religious, social and gastronomical significance. It’s close as anything to a time when all Americans, Christian, Muslim and Jew, black and white, rich and poor, conservative and liberal, Cowboys and Redskins fans, can come together around a groaning board and look each other in the eye and say “Hey, thanks.” Then try to grab the white meat before the other guy gets it first.

AOL’s latest instant messaging client, AIM Triton is available live today. “It text messages, launches phone calls via your broadband connection, enables video along with all that VoIP and keeps track of other important messaging info via SMS alerts,” according to a good early review on internetnews.

The biggest change for AOL subscribers is that it “integrates the usual text messaging via IM with both the AOL and free AIM e-mail clients, provides SMS mobile messaging and integrates voice and video chat sessions.”

Available at the site, the new service is replacing all PC-based versions of AIM, provided the end-user is running Windows 2000 or XP.

Has HP, like, officially changed their name from Hewlett-Packard, the way KFC did from Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Got a press release trumpeting how great HP’s server revenue growth was in 2005, beating the pants off everyone else and all that, according to third quarter 2005 figures released today by IDC, and careful scrutiny fails to find the words “Hewlett” or “Packard” anywhere except way, way down at the bottom where you get “© 2005 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.”

You’d think someone in my line of work would be up on stuff like this, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, whatever their eponym – boy that English degree comes in handy – HP was No. 1 in total worldwide revenue for the three major operating systems of Windows, Linux and UNIX individually as well as combined. “Together,” the press release declaims in stentorian tones, “these three operating systems comprise more than 95 percent of all servers shipped worldwide and 80 percent of all server revenue earned.”

HP was No. 1 in total UNIX server revenue worldwide, outpacing IBM and Sun; No. 1 in total Linux revenue and units shipped, held the top position in x86 Linux server revenue and regained the top spot in x86 Linux server units shipped; No. 1 in Windows revenue and units, growing faster than the market year-over-year in revenue and taking market share from IBM and Dell – both of which experienced year-over-year declines in revenue share.

HP – kicking butt and taking names.

Rich Lowry has a great “I’m thankful for” column, one that struck First CoffeeSM was his mentioning the work the U.S. Coast Guard did in New Orleans: “While the rest of us pointed fingers and bemoaned all that divides us during Hurricane Katrina, the Coast Guard was saving more than 20,000 people from the floodwaters. It was responsible for what should have been some of the most enduring images from the hurricane: rescuers and the rescued – black and white, young and old, male and female – intertwined in one another’s arms as they ascended in harnesses toward helicopters, and safety, overhead.”

But that didn’t fit the skewed script the mainstream media wanted to push on the country, so instead we got bombarded with all those now-discredited as complete fiction stories about uncontrolled mayhem in the Superdome, roving gangs of criminals (many actually wearing “I Voted For Bush” t-shirts) and such garbage.

No wonder the MSM’s now statistically one of the least trusted institutions in America, with a confidence rating of about 22%, and the New York Times is cutting hundreds of jobs and the Los Angeles Times’ circulation is plummeting: They simply can’t be relied upon anymore to do anything other than dutifully transcribe left-wing talking points. Looking for the truth in the MSM anymore is kind of like taking the Jewish heritage tour of New Zealand.

First Coffee’SMs thankful for the blogosphere.

Nokia and Advanced Info Service Plc, one of Thailand’s mobile phone service operators, have signed a deal worth over $55 million to expand AIS’ GSM network in the Northern, Central and Southern regions of Thailand.

The expansion will improve network coverage and capacity and enable AIS to boost service quality and offer innovative multimedia and convergence services.

Under the agreement, Nokia is supplying radio network expansion and Nokia Unified Core Network products, including IP Multimedia Subsystem, 3GPP Release 4 MSC Server and Nokia Presence.

First CoffeeSM’s thankful for spending Turkey Day in Turkey with a few other expat Americans and, in the tradition of the first Thanksgiving Day in Plymouth, some foreign guests. Kind of funny to think of “foreigners” here in Antalya where we’re the foreigners.

Larry Ellison has been ordered to pay $122 million to settle a suit brought by Oracle shareholders filed in 2001 over the fact that he sold shares knowing the company would soon report an earnings shortfall.

The deal calls for him to pay $100 million to charity – if he pays Oracle shareholders he pays himself in the process – and $22 million in legal fees.

Gee, that slashes his bank account from $17 billion to $16.88 billion.

First CoffeeSM’s thankful for the fact that Americans overall contributed $1.7 billion to the Asian tsunami relief, $2.7 billion to Katrina relief and, yearly, without being told to do so by judges, or ignorant, useless U.N. ticks named Jan Egelund, contribute $200 billion to charitable causes, a staggeringly generous sum.

Here’s the biggest non-news item of the week: The Microsoft Xbox 360 is selling well.

Right. Now clean up the coffee you spilled on your computer.

Sistema, the largest private sector consumer services company in Russia and the CIS, has announced the completion of the consolidation of its fixed-line telecommunications operators under Comstar United TeleSystems.

Comstar UTS now owns majority stakes in Sistema’s fixed-line businesses, including 99% of MTU-Inform, 100% of Telmos, 100% of MTU-Intel (including 100% of Golden Line) and 55.62% of MGTS.

First CoffeeSM’s thankful for hitting the 50,000 word mark last night in the NaNoWriMo month-long novel writing program. Thank you, Chris Baty.

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