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First Coffee for 29 May 2006

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Miles Davis’s The Birth Of The Cool:

Seagull Software, a vendor of software products for connecting legacy applications to Internet architectures, has announced that it expects to report revenue in the range of $27 to $28 million for the financial year ended 30 April 2006, an increase of approximately 19 percent as compared to $23.4 million for the previous financial year.

On a pro forma basis net income for the year is expected to be approximately $100,000, as compared with a loss of $908,000 for the previous year. First Coffee detects progress.

“Growth was our primary focus during FY 2006 so we are extremely pleased with the strong growth that the company achieved in FY 2006, and with our ability to generate pro forma profit for the year,” commented Don Addington, CEO and President of Seagull Software.

On an International Accounting Standards (IAS) basis, the company expects to report a net loss in the range of $900,000 to $1 million, including deferred stock compensation costs and amortization of intangible assets.

The company plans to publish final audited fourth quarter and annual results for the Financial Year ending 30 April 2006 on 22 June 2006.

Seagull Software specializes in technology that transforms “legacy” applications into SOA-compliant Web services. Their LegaSuite product lets users connect legacy applications on IBM mainframe, ICL mainframe, iSeries, UNIX/VT and Windows client/server platforms to the Web, to other middleware and to newer-generations of applications such as portals, CRM and SCM.

LegaSuite is based on open standards including Web services, XML, J2EE and .NET.

Last week Amcat, a vendor of customer care & interaction products, which likes the slogan “Every Company is a Contact Center,” announced that Michael J. Rohleder has been appointed as CEO and Mark Patterson as CFO for the Amcat Group, a family of companies that provide customer interaction and communication infrastructure products to customers globally.

Rohleder said Amcat will continue to be strong in the contact center technology brand, “especially in the outbound market.”  He said the company strategy is to position Amcat to be “the leading technology partner for any company who wants to improve customer interactions and efficiencies while reducing costs, whether in a formal contact center or as part of a total enterprise customer interaction plan.”

Rohleder has extensive experience in high tech companies achieve growth and potential. Most recently, he was Executive Vice President of Ultra-Scan Corporation, a biometric hardware and software company where he helped prepare the company for capital financing and long-term growth.

Prior to that, he was CEO of the VEBA Electronics Group North America, a $4 billion global semiconductor distributor. During his tenure at VEBA, Rohleder built the North and South America operations of the company from a $20 million regional distributor to a $2 billion division with over 2000 employees.

Rohleder also served as Senior Vice President of World Wide Sales and Marketing for ON Semiconductor, a $1 billion publicly traded semiconductor company, where he held full responsibility for strategic planning, operating and leadership responsibility for global sales, business development, customer service and the tactical marketing organization.

Mark Patterson comes to Amcat from CHR Products, a Dallas-based telecommunications company where he served as CFO since 1999. He began his career at Price Waterhouse and has served as CFO for several companies in the real estate and high tech industries over the past 22 years.

Patterson received his BA and MBA degrees from Texas Tech University and a MS- Accounting degree from the University of North Texas. He became a licensed CPA in 1984. He has authored several books and national trade articles and is a well recognized technical speaker and lecturer.

Mr. Patterson’s background is well suited to the needs of Amcat both now and in the future, as he brings experience in strategic planning, operational analysis, financial procedures, reporting and controls, corporate finance, debt/equity structuring, IT systems (ERP, MIS, Internet), acquisitions and mergers and IPOs.

The Palm OS platform is now being used by the MantraGroup for mobiVoip.

Calling Palm OS a “terrific” product for basic PIM and document use, MantraGroup says Palm, a separate, independent company that makes hardware, “has done a yeoman’s job of extending it to a new line of devices with more multimedia and storage capabilities.”

MobiVoIP is an effort to give the Palm OS VoIP functionality. “When Skype came to Pocket PC, allowing wifi-enabled PPCs to make phone calls for free over the internet, users across the globe were hoping for a PalmOS version,” MantraGroup officials say, in announcing the proprietary technology of MantraGroup’s mobiVoIP.

MantraGroup officials say Palm OS’s “greatest strength” is “running on economical devices (often with long battery life).”

MobiVoIP allows a Palm to connect to the Internet through Bluetooth,Wifi, or EVDO.

Some of the features of the first official version of the technology, mobiVoip 1.0, that company officials are most excited about include the ability to make PSTN calls over IP, caller-ID via SIP and a profiles settings dialog for configuring user Account, as well as:

Secure Account Authentication using SIP MD5 Authentication
Network Settings Dialog [for IP address related settings]
Automatic IP reproduct [via STUN servers]
Detecting Dynamic IP [when STUN is disabled]

Codecs supported: G.711 and GSM 6.10 FR, where you choose your codec based on your
connection speed: GSM 6.10 FR for low speed connections > 60kbps, G711 for
high speed connections > 160kbps.

Lots of other features available as well, of course. MobiVoIP is available in Australia, China, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UK and the USA.

Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd and KDDI Corp. have announced an agreement to collaborate in providing mobile products for the enterprise market using E02SA, KDDI’s “au” mobile phone equipped with WLAN functionality.

Based on this agreement, according to the Electronic Engineering Times, Oki will provide mobile products for enterprises in Japan starting October 2006.

According to company officials, E02SA, planned for launch in July 2006, “enables enterprise users to build an efficient network with a single handset as it functions as a VoIP extension phone equipped with WLAN in the office, as well as an ‘au’ mobile phone outside the office.”

E02SA is also compliant with IEEE 802.1b WLAN standard, as well as with IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11e for the quality of service control function in the wireless area.

Good news: Word has it that Paul Newman and Robert Redford are going to do another movie together.

Of course Newman’s 81 and Redford’s 69, so don’t expect an action picture. Maybe The Shuffleboard Sting, or Butch and Sundance’s Great Geritol Raid.

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