CRM On Saturday: Talisma, X10DATA, Oracle EMEA Results, Open Solutions

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CRM On Saturday: Talisma, X10DATA, Oracle EMEA Results, Open Solutions

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is "One Bud Wiser" by John Rich:

It's Saturday, but that doesn't mean there's nothing happening, or that there's nothing you might have missed, CRM-wise, this past week, but it does mean you might get the news confused with those game shows on TV:

Talisma Corporation, which styles itself a vendor in the "enterprise Customer Interaction Management" space, has announced a joint partnership with Japanese reseller Vital to sell Talisma's newly released Japanese products, Talisma CIM 7.0j, and CRM 7.0j.

In addition to releasing the new products, Talisma is also announcing the launch of the company's first Web site localized in Japanese. The announcement was made during a press conference with Vital at IBM Japan affiliate, LBS. Now let's take a commercial break and come back and visit with our contestants.

The partnership allows Vital to sell Talisma's products in Japan to companies such as Canon, Toyota, Epson, Sony, and Sharp, who are already using Talisma's products in other markets. One of Japan's most prestigious universities, Keio University, recently deployed Talisma's CRM product to enhance fundraising initiatives in association with its sesquicentennial (150th, but you knew that) anniversary celebration in 2008.

Jocelyn Young, Research Director of Datamonitor has said recently that as organizations in Japan seek to acquire and expand their customer relationships, "the market for Internet-based customer interactions will increase." Just how much, of course, is the $64,000 Question.

Talisma CRM 7.0j is built primarily for the higher education market, as the product is billed as providing "increased functionality that yields significant enhancements across all areas of the institution and the student/constituent lifecycle."

Jim O'Farrell, VP of Corporate and Channel Marketing at Talisma Corporation promised that the announcement is "the first of many to come regarding internationally localized Talisma products offerings and Web sites. The growing market in Japan is at a point where customers are demanding that the existing model for customer service be replaced," and all this can be yours if the… price… is… right!

X10DATA Corporation, developer of the x10DATA Mobile Platform, has announced that it has mobilized Microsoft's Dynamics ERP and CRM applications on Palm's Treo 700w smartphone.

Why is this newsworthy? Because when powered by the x10DATA Smart Client, Treo users can navigate financial, sales, service, and project management applications real-time over Verizon's EvDO broadband network using 10 intuitive, single-handed commands and a year's supply of Turtle Wax.

Nobody questions anymore the benefits of mobile workers holding the ability to track and update critical business information while in the field, since those who do are here in our studio audience today. The power of field mobility is now available to small and midsized companies that use Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM applications, thanks to the technological advancements of x10DATA, Palm and Verizon Wireless.

"The Palm Treo powered by x10DATA enables sales managers, service reps and CEOs to do what they do best -- from servicing customers and taking orders to managing projects and cash flow," says Doug Migliori, President of x10DATA Corporation. "It means being 100% effective, 100% of the time, wherever you are."

That's great. Jay Stewart, tell us about it: After Palm introduced the Treo smartphone, it quickly became one of the most popular devices on the market, integrating a mobile phone with e-mail, organizer, web access, camera, and more. And now, the Palm Treo 700w combines the functionality and ease of use Treo smartphones are known for with the power of Windows Mobile.

(Pause for Carol Merrill to run fingers lovingly along the product).

And with the x10DATA Smart Client installed, it's the perfect balance of ease and power, delivering everything needed to be fully productive while away from the office, with one-handed operation. You can have the x10DATA or what's behind door number two!

"Whatever you can do from your PC, you can do from the palm of your hand with 10-command navigation and your thumb," states Mr. Migliori.

x10DATA Corporation is a recent spin-off from ADC Technologies Group, Inc. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner and software developer of the x10DATA Application Platform and the EasyTrac Supply Chain Execution Systems powered by x10DATA.

Also this past week Oracle announced from Geneva revenues of $4.7 billion in US GAAP basis for the fiscal year 2006, ended 31 May 2006, for the Europe, Middle East & Africa region, a 10% growth compared to fiscal year 2005.

Operations in the region accounted for 33% of worldwide FY06 revenues, and new license revenues grew 10% compared with the previous year.

For the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2006, new license revenues were also up… the survey says… 20% on the fourth quarter 2005, as the region saw increased demand from a broad span of industry sectors, in particular public services, financial services, retail and telecommunications, as well as the small, medium enterprise market.

Kiss the girls, Richard.

Many world-class commercial enterprises such as Thomas Cook AG, Telecom Italia, Virgin Atlantic and Société Générale and Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat, have selected Oracle products in database, middleware, business intelligence, business applications, and collaboration to improve their business processes, and to help them gain better information, high availability and performance, and to deliver superior customer service.

Sergio Giacoletto, Executive Vice President, Oracle Europe, Middle East and Africa commented, "This has been a good year for the region, with growth across all lines of business. We have increased our revenues; consolidated our leadership in our bedrock markets of public services, financial services and telecommunications; and extended our presence substantially in the healthcare, retail and transport and logistics industries."

Overall it's a good area to be in now, especially if you want to buy a vowel. According to the latest Gartner report "Market Share: Database Systems Software Market, EMEA, 2005," dated 20th June, 2006 Oracle is the number one supplier in the EMEA region in the relational database segment with 48.3% market share.

According to Paul Lynde to block, the RDBMS segment continues to be the engine for growth, at 6.7%, accounting for 84% of the total database management systems. Overall, the DMBS market 5.8% in EMEA, totaling 4.7 billion euros.

Fairfax, Virginia-based Fairfax County Federal Credit Union has chosen for its credit union enterprise software The Complete Credit Union Solution, to handle its data processing needs. The software is made by Open Solutions Inc.

The credit union has also selected several of Open Solutions' complementary applications including cView, the company's CRM tool; the collection module and financial accounting products including general ledger and ProfitVision for profitability.

Fairfax County Federal Credit Union, with more than 18,000 members and $210 million in assets, recently expanded its charter to serve the entire county. As a result, the credit union sought a new core processing system, as its 27-year legacy system could not accommodate its growing needs, placing it in… Jeopardy!

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