CRM and Contact Centers in Nigeria, Radio KCRM 98.6, CDC CRM In Latin America, Syspro's CRM 5.0,

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David Sims
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CRM and Contact Centers in Nigeria, Radio KCRM 98.6, CDC CRM In Latin America, Syspro's CRM 5.0,

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, which is being consumed college-style, where you get up in the morning and there's a cup of some flat brown liquid, you know it's last night's coffee or Diet Coke or something, but the point is it's caffeinated, so you don't just throw it out, you simply pour in the morning's fresh coffee, add milk and sugar to taste and stir, and the music is our theme song, Adam Carroll's "Ol' Milwaukee's Best:"

Breaking news: A final recount has declared Felipe Calderon winner of the Mexican presidential election. Al Gore demands a recount.

Good morning good morning, thank your institutional officer for turning your radio dial to Radio KCRM 98.6, All Weird Al Yankovic, All The Time! In today's top news we sent our Radio KCRM Special White House Correspondent to the White House to get President Bush's reaction to gauge the level of tension over North Korea's nuclear tests, and found the president doubled over laughing too hard to answer questions, but we did manage to transcribe the following… "fell into the ocean… biggest flop since Dan Rather's Air National Guard memo story… ["Dong" joke]… hey get Josh on the phone, have him tell 'em we're really scared now… Dick, get the wig and do your Kim imitation, that busts me up every time… [garbled "Dong" joke]… maybe we oughta tell those granola-crunchers in Seattle to head for the bunkers anyway… all those poor damn fish… up and down in what, less than ten minutes? Yeah, reminds me of [surprisingly funny "Dong" joke involving a prominent Democrat member of Congress]… oh my sides… Slick Willie caved in to this putz? Good heavens… Condi, I feel the need to run our own nuke tests, got a good location in mind…

Breaking news: A final recount has declared Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador winner of the Mexican presidential election. Al Gore blames Stephen Hawking.

Moving along, according to the Nigerian industry journal This Day, in a bid to improve Contact Centre products in Nigeria Weco Systems Group, a Nigerian IT firms in Nigeria has entered into partnership with Bucher & Suter, a Cisco "advanced technology outfit."

Uchenna Obidike, Chief Executive Producer of Weco System told This Day, and Radio KCRM quotes, "the whole essence of bringing together egg heads in contact centres in Nigeria was basically to educate our customers on the need for contact centre. We know a lot of them have been talking about it but they approach it wrongly and we believe that Butcher & Suter is the best as far as Cisco Internet protocol Contact Centre (IPCC) is concerned."

Today's business, Obidike explained, " is all about doing more with less, and in order to improve our shareholders' value, you must begin to work at the total cost of ownership reduction in terms of buying a new telecommunication infrastructure. Cisco gives you a better integration both on CRM, PBS and others."

Obidike said that "the Contact Centre system will solve the problem of a typical retail service. Contact Centre is integrated with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The technology has a great reporting system which retrieves a lot from the data base. It is built in such a way that anybody within the bank can be configured to act as an agent. It also involves a supervisor who oversees everything."

Andreas Stuber, Chief Executive Officer of Bucher & Suter of Switzerland, confirmed that "contact centre is all about increasing customers services in Nigeria and by this, customers will stay more loyal."

The Managing Director of Cisco systems Nigeria, Maduka Emelife said at a recent conference that "in any human interaction where there is exchange of money for goods and services, the recipient of the service usually has an expectation that the service they paid for be backed by some type of support. As such you can say that as far as when people started buying and selling goods and services, customer service has been a standard expectation."

One of the Nigerian officials at the conference then told reporters that his uncle, the late Minister of Gold Mining, Diamonds, Oil, Platinum and Other Really Profitable Stuff for Nigeria, who was killed in a recent coup, had managed to save $14.8 million from living frugally and shrewdly investing his government salary, and in his dying words had passed on the secret bank account number to his trusted nephew, who only needs someone's personal banking information to transfer the funds to a safe location.

Breaking news: A final recount has declared Katherine Harris winner of the Mexican presidential election. Stephen Hawking tells Al Gore "I can dance better than you."

Jetting over to the other side of the world, but not in Sergey Brin and Larry Page's tricked-out 767 Party Jet, currently in for routine maintenance of the hot tubs and to have the special high-altitude lava lamps and strobes installed at an undisclosed location, all the way to Hong Kong to find… CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation, vendor of enterprise software applications, announcing that CMT Latin America has joined the company's Franchise Partner Program.

The program, which includes $20 million designated for investment in channel partners, was recently launched by CDC Software to "establish strategic relationships with franchise partners in selected geographies to accelerate mutual business expansion."

CDC, last seen drowning its sorrows in a bar after getting totally, decisively, definitively slam-dunk faced, flowers-in-the-face don't call us we'll call you, something about the last company left on earth after a nuclear holocaust the answer's still no REJECTED by Onyx, has to satisfy itself with owning Pivotal CRM.

CMT Latin America hasn't been too shabby as a partner, representing CDC Software for eight years. As a distributor of the Pivotal CRM product line, CMT has signed on new customers in seven countries, including Monsanto Argentina, Corpbanca Chile, Canon Brazil and Prochemex of Mexico, as well as Syngenta and Telefonica Empresas, each operating throughout Latin America.

Breaking news: A final recount has declared Salma Hayek winner of the Mexican presidential election. Bill Clinton offers to congratulate her in person.

Through the Franchise Partner Program, CDC Software is working with selected partners in high-growth geographies, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, India, China and Asia/Pacific.

CDC Software will acquire a 10 percent equity stake in CMT Latin America, with an option to acquire an additional 9.9 percent. CMT will also receive funding in an undisclosed amount to support its expanded marketing and sales activities in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

In addition to selling the Pivotal CRM products in Latin America, CMT will begin selling CDC Software's recently acquired c360 add-on products for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Breaking news: A final recount has declared Hamas winner of the Mexican presidential election. Jimmy Carter offers warm congratulations and calls on America to "do whatever they want and nobody gets hurt. For now."

Wrapping up the show here on Radio KCRM 98.6, All Slobberbone, All The Time, SYSPRO, a vendor of enterprise software for SMB manufacturers and distributors, has announced the addition of oh, just hundreds of new features and functionalities to SYSPRO Customer Relationship Management software, an enterprise-class software system that enables a business to manage internal resources, customer, supplier and prospect relationships, marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, as well as service contracts and incidents within a single CRM/SRM program. SYSPRO CRM 5.0, as with all prior versions, is fully integrated with SYSPRO Enterprise Software.

SYSPRO CRM 5.0 now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and offers improved e-mail synchronization capabilities with Microsoft Outlook with added support for GroupWise. A built-in Executive View comes standard with SYSPRO CRM 5.0, enabling managers to display charts of key Sales Statistics and Service Tickets for easy graphical analyses and greater insight into weekly or monthly performance.

Breaking news: A final recount has declared Jimmy Carter winner of the Mexican presidential election. 107 million Mexicans run for the American border.

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