Robotic CRM, Psychic CRM, vTiger CRM, ASC Cisco VoIP Call Center

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Robotic CRM, Psychic CRM, vTiger CRM, ASC Cisco VoIP Call Center

By David Sims

The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, and the music is the Songs For Young Lovers album, by Frank Sinatra:

New offices in Australia and North America and an alliance with the Melbourne-based IniPax capital market will increase Kiwi Growth Partners' ability to help New Zealand companies to find the finance they need to expand, according to company officials.

KGP founder Alvin Donovan says KGP has become an associate of the IniPax capital market, which provides “fair, orderly and transparent capital market services for businesses working towards a formal stock market listing.”

IniPax and KGP are currently in the process of preparing Robot-Hosting Ltd. for listing, saying the company has "developed ground breaking 3D computer animated robot technology with huge potential in both commercial and academic applications."

Robot-Hosting has recently signed a deal with American company Ai-Dealer worth many millions of dollars that will see their 3D robot technology used by on-line car dealerships, according to KGP officials, who say Robot-Hosting has "another deal in the making with one of the world’s largest CRM firms worth tens of millions," and will be announcing further details "in the very near future."

The robot can be used for a range of ways, from an on-line customer services representative to a classroom teacher or lecturer. Company officials say these robots have a 200,000 word vocabulary, use 100,000 grammar rules and can "think," using a logical reasoning engine.

Reports that representatives of Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John F. Kerry have excitedly contacted the manufacturer are unsubstantiated at this time.

Robot Hosting already has a list of clients, including The University of Auckland (two robots), The Auckland University of Technology (two robots), The Arizona University, The National Defense University of Budapest, Cancer society NZ, SPCA and Farmers trading company.

The technology was profiled in Business Week's May 2006 edition, which called it one of the hottest emerging money making technologies, attracting investment from the likes of Dell computers founder Michael Dell and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

She's ba-a-a-a-a-ck: In early August Rida H. Schenck, who styles herself "a former engineer and forecasting expert," announced a process known as "Sub-Conscious Mirroring" that, in her words, has "enabled a sales agent or a realtor or business broker to be able to predict in real-time what one of his/her customers located hundreds of miles away and on the phone would choose -- without needing to ask any questions, and without having to do some sort of preliminary investigation or research with the support of dynamic CRM applications."

You might know Schenck -- at $17 a minute -- as Lady Campbell of San Francisco, your "Total Psychic Technology, for Profit, Protection and Prosperity."

According to the erstwhile Lady Campbell, her process, much better than all that CRM crap you got suckered into buying, "is simply a process that helps companies get their sales staff to solve the mystery and guesswork behind what an unknown customer or prospect wants and needs, and to start designing technology and supporting customer-relationship management applications that can tap into the new insights that Sub-Conscious Mirroring brings."

Applications for this process abound, friends, from enhancement of existing CRM-software to human-sensitive television sets, music systems and more, according to the self-described "Provocative, Unique and Mindblowing" (oooh!) Schenck.

This morning Schenck has issued a press release to clarify that SCM, which she knows to be "the first trainable process that introduces the concept of data-free intelligence to the information and automation industry," is not a lot of dilly-dally sheep dip.  

Contrary to what some people may assume or suggest at first hearing of it, Schenck says, "SCM is not psychic or intuitive dilly-dally. SCM stems from unbiased detection of data-free values that produce thought priorities."

See, with SCM, priority activity triggers of the mind -- particularly the sub-conscious -- are detected and can be apparently "mirrored" by another party, Schenck explains: "This then becomes the basis for tracking outcomes related to these active triggers and their thoughts during high-stress/high-risk situations as well as high-interest decisions."

These distinctions, she concludes, "take SCM well beyond the limits of mere customer relationship management." This is because current CRM systems "basically do not truly reflect intimate sales knowledge of the customer or their inclinations except through a process of standardized information collection which is inherently biased," Schenck says.

Uses for the SCM methodology, Schenck suggests, include "CRM-strategic enhancement, technology automation with mind-sensitive control and data-free intelligence system design and development."

Isn't the free market wonderful?

FYI: Ivan Markovic has "discovered some vulnerabilities in vtiger CRM, which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct script insertion attacks and bypass certain security restrictions," according to Mr. Markovic, to wit:

Input passed to the "description" field in various modules when, for example, creating a contact and the "solution" field when an administrator modifies the solution in the HelpDesk modules isn't properly sanitized before being used.

This can be exploited to inject arbitrary HTML and script code, which will be executed in a user's browser session in context of an affected site when the malicious user data is viewed.

Also, an error in the access control verification can be exploited by a normal user to access administrative modules, such as the settings section, by accessing certain URLs directly. The vulnerabilities have been confirmed in version 4.2.4, Markovic says, adding "other versions may also be affected."

The solution, he says, is to edit the source code to ensure that input is properly sanitized and that access to administrative modules are properly checked.

ASC, a vendor of communications recording and quality monitoring products for contact centers, financial institutions, and public-safety and government organizations, has installed the High End Quality Monitoring Solution in the IP based central customer service center of the Swiss cc energie sa.

Cc energie sa was founded in 2005 by the energy supply companies BKW FMB Energie AG and Groupe E. The new company is active on the field of services for the Swiss energy sector and employs more than 100 staff.

The ASC products are applied in the central customer service center, where multilingual, best educated employees at three networked locations are handling all requests and questions of the end customers. From acquisition to the termination of contracts all steps are handled via contact center.

The Cisco Contact Center works in a pure VoIP environment. The recording takes place by passive recording via sniffing and extracts the necessary call data and additional information.

EVOip+ for Cisco, which is integrated in the Cisco Call Manager environment, is used as VoIP recording software.

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