Genesys Gplus for SAP CRM, College CRM, Smart and SMBA, Soffront and Pavlov, MaxMobile CRM Smartphone, ANZAC Day

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Genesys Gplus for SAP CRM, College CRM, Smart and SMBA, Soffront and Pavlov, MaxMobile CRM Smartphone, ANZAC Day

By David Sims
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The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is The Horace Silver Quintet's Songs For My Father:

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, an Alcatel-Lucent company, has announced the new Genesys Gplus Adapter for use with the analytics capabilities of the SAP Customer Relationship Management application.

Genesys is probably the first SAP Software Partner to integrate its customer service software with the SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence component of the SAP NetWeaver platform. The compatibility of the Genesys Gplus customer service software, integrated with SAP CRM and SAP NetWeaver BI, was tested and verified by Genesys in cooperation with SAP Labs.

The Genesys Gplus Adapter basically lets the Genesys 7.5 suite work with complementary applications, such as SAP. By integrating the Genesys 7.5 suite with SAP NetWeaver BI, SAP's product for business intelligence and information management, companies should be able to use it to orchestrate customer interactions based on the appropriate business processes and "improve their ability to use analytics to understand customer needs," according to Genesys officials.

Genesys 7.5, in conjunction with SAP NetWeaver BI, lets managers apply business processes to each customer interaction.

Genesys, a SAP Software Partner and member of SAP's Enterprise Services Community, has a longstanding partnership with SAP. Genesys makes it possible for SAP software products to support numerous telephony and IP environments with an open platform that allows customers using SAP products to use telephony equipment from multiple manufacturers and integrate with SAP's full range of applications.

Genesys and SAP can now integrate virtually every application needed to deliver customer service through the integration of key systems, including CRM, integrated communications, voice self-service, customer data, analytics and business processes.

In 2006, Genesys became an ES community member and one of the first customer interaction management software suites to reach all three levels of SAP certification, including Powered by NetWeaver/Netweaver Certification, SAP Integrated Communications Interface and SAP R3.

Take a moment here to wish our Australian and New Zealand readers a reflective ANZAC Day. Here in Turkey there's quite the observance at dawn out at Canakkale (Gallipoli) itself, well-attended by Aussies and Kiwis.

And happy Secretaries Day, for all… what's that? New name? "Administrative Professionals Day?" Yeesh.

Maximizer Software Inc., a vendor of "affordable, easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software applications," according to company officials, has announced the availability of MaxMobile CRM Smartphone, the latest in its suite of mobile CRM products for traveling sales and service employees.

The new product extends the sales and service capabilities of the Maximizer line of CRM products out to traveling employees who use wireless devices running the popular Windows Mobile wireless operating system on Smartphones.

Forrester Research's Liz Herbert wrote in the "Extend CRM Value With Mobility" report issued last June that firms "embrace mobile CRM to improve productivity, increase CRM system adoption, and enhance the customer experience. Mobile CRM is now a must-do for many field sales and service organizations because it allows reps to access and update CRM information anywhere they can use a mobile device."

MaxMobile CRM Smartphone extends the mobile CRM functionality of the Maximizer line of CRM products out to traveling sales and service employees using common smartphones such as the Motorola Q, Samsung Blackjack and T-Mobile Dash.

Made to take advantage of the small screen size and navigational capabilities of smartphones, the MaxMobile phone provides mobile read and write access to service cases, sales opportunities, calendar items, tasks, including Microsoft Outlook e-mail.

MaxMobile CRM Smartphone is seen by company officials as the second stage in Maximizer's plans for complete support of the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. Launched in 2006, MaxMobile CRM gives Maximizer customers using Windows Mobile-powered wireless PDAs such as Palm Treo 700w, Dell Axim X51v and the HP iPAQ full read and write access to customer information while on the road.

With this release, the Maximizer line of CRM products supports most all mobile platforms, including Palm, Research in Motion BlackBerry, Windows Mobile PDAs and now Windows Mobile smartphones.

Soffront Software Inc., a vendor of mid-market CRM software, has announced that Pavlov Media, Inc. has adopted Soffront CRM. Pavlov Media is a nationwide communications and technology provider that delivers customized high-speed Internet services, digital video entertainment, and telephone services.

Prior to choosing Soffront Software, Pavlov Media spent months evaluating numerous CRM options. "We wanted to improve productivity and efficiency in all aspects of our support areas and to integrate all customer and support data into one system," explained Jason Kenner, vice president, Pavlov Media.

In March 2007 Pavlov Media purchased some Soffront modules to improve integration and flexibility. Pavlov officials said the firm is "currently evaluating the Marketing Automation module and the integration of Asset/Inventory management modules with our accounting system."

Smart Online Inc., a vendor of Software-as-a-Service for the small business market, has announced an agreement with the Small Business Members of America to offer Smart Online's leading OneBiz application platform to SMBA members.

"Small Business Members of America provides tremendous value to our membership through the discounts and resources we offer," said William Ritger, co-founder and managing member of Small Business Members of America. "By offering the OneBiz platform to our members, we are making high-end business software available at a price that small businesses can afford."

Smart Online's OneBiz platform features integrated daily-use business applications, including accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), salesforce automation (SFA), human resources, shared calendars and contacts, dashboards, business plan and marketing plan writers, among other services.

Eduventures’ Higher Education Survey on Leadership, Innovation, and Technology has revealed, in a study titled "Prospect Research: Technology and Vendor Evaluation," that -- surprise, surprise -- fundraising is an "urgent objective" for universities, and a major focus for technology investment over the next two years.  

Jennifer Zaslow, senior analyst for Eduventures said that according to the study, one-third of prospect research departments have a system in place for routine reporting between offices, such as the registrar’s or alumni offices.

So a trend toward constituent relationship management is developing among universities. In this setting "CRM" is a set of specialized products and processes designed to mine, manage, and service relationships with current and prospective donors.

“The majority of prospect research departments are concentrating on alumni communication and contributions, although most universities surveyed lack a reporting system between departments,” said Zaslow. Eduventures’ report, Prospect Research: Technology and Vendor Evaluation, is the result of a survey of nearly 40 higher education institutions from across the United States.

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