Relationals On-Demand CRM, Sedona Relationship Management Deal, Dolphin Dynamics and Pegasus Solutions, Etelos CRM, IMagicLab Inventory Software, Omniture Business Optimization

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Relationals On-Demand CRM, Sedona Relationship Management Deal, Dolphin Dynamics and Pegasus Solutions, Etelos CRM, IMagicLab Inventory Software, Omniture Business Optimization

The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, and the music is Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols:

Relationals, a vendor of customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA) for the publishing and media industry, announced that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has selected the Relationals on-demand CRM platform to "streamline their sales processes including lead management and targeting, marketing and outreach, opportunity management and advertiser support," according to Relationals officials.

"No other system provides the comprehensive approach to ad sales operations more than Relationals," says Jamie McGinnis, product manager for the newspaper. "Their proven value to the media industry and their pre-sales support efforts have been remarkable."

The challenge faced by the Post-Dispatch was to "centralize sales operations to improve customer retention, identify new and missed opportunities, and streamline reporting," newspaper officials said.

Sedona Corporation, a vendor of CRM and Member Relationship Management for small and mid-size financial services institutions, announced that Profit Technologies, a Sedona business partner, has entered into an agreement to provide Sedona's Intarsia software to its first bank.

In February of 2007, Sedona announced a partnership with Profit Technologies whereby they would market Intarsia, Sedona's CRM/MRM technology, as part of their Growth and Retention practice. The new Intarsia user, with assets in excess of $800 million, represents the first Profit Technologies customer signed under that partnership.

Profit Technologies is using the comprehensive capabilities of Intarsia, company officials say, along with their Value Creation Strategies which is focused on Growth and Retention. By using this combination of state-of-the-art technology and practices, Profit Technologies is assisting financial institutions to determine which of their accounts are most profitable, how to retain those accounts, how to grow those profitable accounts, and how to make sure they are effectively marketing to profitable accounts.

Sedona CEO and President Marco Emrich said he was "confident" that Sedona and Profit had "the foundation for a very successful partnership."

Dolphin Dynamics signed a deal with Pegasus Solutions which will add over 60,000 hotel properties to the portfolio of travel products available on the TravelScanner selling platform.

The integration of the Pegasus connection within TravelScanner "provides users with real-time and dynamic access into the centrally-held inventory of hotel chains and individual properties worldwide," according to Pegasus officials. In addition to being able to book all the published rates made available by the properties, this direct connect functionality also allows TravelScanner users to book specially negotiated rates—corporate, wholesale—directly in the hotel companies' central databases.

For those smaller hotels that are either not available via Pegasus or are unable to provide special rates via this dynamic link, TravelScanner customers will be able to make use of Pegasus' PegsTour application, which provides a "local" inventory facility for the management of hotel contracts and allocations.

This integrated product delivers to Dolphin customers a multi-channel distribution platform, Pegasus officials say, by having a single application service to all sales channels, including online, call centres and shops: "The same application that searches and books travel products also manages fulfilment functions, including CRM, payment collection, document production, workflow management, quality control, travel accounting and MIS."

Etelos, a vendor of on-demand, distributed-anywhere CRM and other applications, has announced several additions to its executive team and a new office in Silicon Valley. Company officials attribute the growth to the "growing demand for the Etelos Application Server platform and the applications available through the Etelos Marketplace."

Etelos' Founder Danny Kolke said the past six months has seen more than 6,000 accounts representing upwards of 36,500 users "experience the diverse applications available to businesses of any size through the Etelos Marketplace," such as Etelos CRM for Google Apps, Etelos Server for Google Apps, iPhone, Windows Live, Pageflakes and Netvibes as well as Etelos Community Manager and numerous e-commerce applications.

In addition to the end user growth, Etelos has seen a 200 percent increase in Web developers registering to develop Applications that they can distribute and sell through the Marketplace, company officials say.

Etelos has brought on Jeffrey L. Garon as President and CEO. Garon brings more than 25 years of senior leadership to Etelos, including executive leadership positions at Kaufman Bros., L.P., Tripath Technology, Silicon Storage Technology, Inc., Monster Cable Products, Oracle, Ashton-Tate and as President of The Garon Financial Group, a venture consulting and venture capital firm.

Etelos founder Danny Kolke has assumed the roles of Chairman of the Board and Chief Technical Officer. Shannon Vanderford was named the Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, Shelley Symonds the Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer and Kathy Lahaye the Vice President & Chief Financial Officer.


IMagicLab, an CRM, Internet sales and Inventory software system for automobile dealers, has announced its new inbound and outbound call monitoring product, PhoneLink, into wide release.

PhoneLink allows car dealers to automatically measure and record all inbound and outbound phone calls without the need of any special hardware or expense subscription services. "For less than the cost of a traditional 800 number," company officials say, "iMagicLab's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Internet Lead Management (ILM) systems now will contain the call metrics and actual call recording inside of a normal customer record."

IMagicLab's system measures and tracks telephone traffic along with showroom, Internet, service and Web site visits.

Richard Keith Latman, Chief Executive Officer of iMagicLab, says the product gives auto dealers "a complete 360 degree view of their customer relationships without multiple logins or having to create hybrid reports from multiple vendors… measure, monitor, make and record calls, both inbound and outbound, at the click of a mouse without leaving the CRM. Now that's the way it's supposed to be."

Omniture, a vendor of CRM and other online business optimization software, and Emailvision, a European provider of e-mail marketing software services, have announced that Emailvision has joined the Omniture Genesis Network.

Emailvision officials expect that becoming a Genesis partner will help them more easily integrate their Campaign Commander e-mail campaign data with Omniture's online business optimization software and create more targeted and relevant e-mail campaigns.

Headquartered in France, Emailvision has more than 700 clients of the Emailvision Campaign Commander product worldwide to manage and automate customer e-mail marketing programs. The on-demand application allows marketers to manage all aspects of their e-mail marketing campaigns including design, planning, delivery, split testing and analytics.

"In the last year, Omniture has significantly expanded its international presence, with hundreds of customers in the EMEA region, so working with Emailvision as a Genesis partner is important to our joint customer base going forward," said Neil Weston, SVP and general manager of Omniture EMEA.

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