Ultra IS With CRM Module, Rugby World Cup Stupidity, PacificNet and Gambling, Cloud9 Analytics, Packeteer iShaper

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Ultra IS With CRM Module, Rugby World Cup Stupidity, PacificNet and Gambling, Cloud9 Analytics, Packeteer iShaper

The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, and the music is Frank Sinatra's Come Swing With Me album:

Net Solutions North America, a Web development company in Bellingham, Washington, has released Ultra IS Association Edition Website Development Package, which company officials say "allows multiple administrative rights and application of sites within a Web site." The UIS AE can handle other ProFusion modules like ProFusion Mailer, CRM, E-Learning, Forums, Blogging, and Document management tools.

NSNA said the product is marketed as "Web site applications for associations, chambers of commerce, franchises and other organizations wishing to improve communications." It provides for multiple site administrators to allow various departments to keep their page content current.

When asked for a brief description on ProFusion Association Ultra IS Website Package, Patrice Valentine, President of Net Solutions North America, said the application "allows a person or persons with no Web development background to act as their own Webmasters, thereby decreasing the overall cost of ownership."

The Ultra IS AE comes with the ability to create an unlimited number of main, secondary and tertiary level pages and choose to display or hide those pages at any time. It allows the administrator to provide for mini-sites for its members or internal users or divisions.

An unlimited number of mini-web sites, each with up to 6 main pages, with unique graphics design and unlimited number of sub pages can be created and maintained by the members. The application allows for scheduling of fee based and free events and online registration for those events.

Cloud9 Analytics has made its debut with a pair of on-demand sales analytic applications that promise to "boost sales team effectiveness and increase sales," including a service that delivers key sales reports directly to sales managers' mobile devices, company officials say.

Already in use by over twenty Salesforce.com customers, Cloud9's analytic applications are billed by company officials as able to "transform Salesforce into a selling machine that accelerates sales cycles, uncovers new revenue opportunities, promotes
team selling and improves revenue predictability."

With "half of all reps missing their sales quotas and a 40 percent annual turnover rate," said Jim Dickie, Managing Partner of CSO Insights, "the sales function in most organizations is clearly broken. Though CRM systems were supposed to help, four out of five sales VPs say CRM alone does nothing to increase sales."

The athletic Dickie characterized Cloud9 as "enabling CRM to finally deliver on
its original promise to increase sales."

The free Cloud9 Messenger application automatically generates weekly "What's Changed?" reports and sends them by e-mail to mobile devices. Cloud9 Messenger keeps sales managers up to date by detailing changes in forecast and pipeline, and calculates percent pipeline coverage for each team member, all without the need to install or configure any software.

It's not too often that CRM executives address gambling conferences, but PacificNet, which sells gambling and mobile game technology as well as Customer Relationship Management in China, has announced that its CEO, Tony Tong, will present at the 6th Annual European i-Gaming Conference and Expo in Barcelona, October 2-4.

Tong will give a presentation titled "Innovative Ideas in New Game Development."

"We are honored to be invited to speak for the first time at the EIG," said Tong. "The EIG is the premier gaming show in Europe and we are very excited to present the latest products and developments from our Macau focused PacificNet Games as well as our newly acquired subsidiary, Guangdong Poly, focused on the Chinese Lottery market."

The EIG 2007 is, in fact, the largest i-gambling show in the world and this year the focus will be on the renewed vigor of the European marketplace. A record number of exhibitors are scheduled this year to showcase the best in i-gambling products.

In July, PacificNet announced that its subsidiary, PacificNet Games Limited, had been granted an Internet gambling license by the First Cagayan and Cagayan Economic Zone Authority of the Philippines.

PacificNet's recent acquisition of Guangdong Poly, a leading legal welfare lottery operator in China, is expected to enable PacificNet to participate in China's rapidly growing state-sponsored legalized gambling and electronic lottery operations. Guangdong Poly is approved by China's Welfare Lottery Center to develop and operate real-time electronic paperless lottery services in China, in accordance with the rules and regulations set by China's Welfare Lottery Center.

China's lottery market surpassed $10 billion in 2006 and is expected to continue growing, according to the Chinese Ministry of Finance, which oversees all of China's lottery sales. Of the $10 billion spent on lotteries in China, over $6 billion was generated via the China Welfare Lottery system, representing a 20 percent increase over 2005.

FVC, an IT services company and authorized value-added distributor in the Middle East and North Africa for Packeteer, has announces the availability of the iShaper appliance delivering unified branch office capabilities, combining "application visibility, intelligent acceleration, secure application QoS and native compatibility with Microsoft application services" in a single device, according to company officials.

With iShaper, enterprises can converge high-speed network access to centralized data, via wide area file services, TCP and HTTP traffic, high performance ERP, CRM and financial transactions -- with high fidelity voice and video.

As a unified branch office appliance, iShaper combines "high performance delivery for all application types," plus "network performance troubleshooting, security services and native Microsoft application services," company officials say. IShaper is billed as replacing acceleration-only and other point products with a unified device to centralize data and storage and consolidate branch office server infrastructure.

"Packeteer's 'virtual data center' for the branch offices begins the next important phase in the data center consolidation effort," said Peter Christy, principal analyst at Internet Research Group. "Server consolidation has achieved remarkable improvements in distributed IT cost-effectiveness and data security but at the cost of branch office application and data access performance."

Designed for enterprise customers with branch offices supporting 50 or more users, the iShaper appliance consolidates visibility, Intelligent Acceleration, Microsoft Virtual Services, Application QoS and Zero Day Protection. It discovers 600+ applications and protocols, provides real-time performance visibility and monitoring, and uses that intelligence to apply optimization tools for specific applications.

First Coffee was in Dublin over the weekend, and watched a few of the Rugby World Cup matches, and wonders why a sport with four or maybe five world-class teams holds a 20-team World Cup.

Look, only New Zealand, Australia or South Africa have any chance of winning this thing, maybe France. Maybe. Japan, Namibia and Tonga aren't going to win, so why have them get shot to pieces -- Italy lost 76-14 to New Zealand and it wasn't anywhere near that close, Australia squeaked past Japan 93-3, we'll see utter destruction when New Zealand's All Blacks steamroll Portugal's amateurs with day jobs next week. It's boring, pointless rugby, cynically staged for sponsorship dollars.

Rugby organizers claim it "develops" a team like Canada to get annihilated by the All Blacks or Springboks. Bullfeathers. About as much as it would "develop" an Indiana high school football team to play the Indianapolis Colts. It develops a team like America to play a team slightly better than it, say, Romania. Not Australia. Or did Angolan basketball "develop" from facing the U.S. in the pitiful turkey shoot that was the Barcelona Olympics basketball?

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