Reed DataLink for CRM, SFA Released, Accelerate4Pharma Released, Auto CRM in Iraq, Cornerstone and Microsoft, Kintera CRM, Open Solutions and Netupdate

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Reed DataLink for CRM, SFA Released, Accelerate4Pharma Released, Auto CRM in Iraq, Cornerstone and Microsoft, Kintera CRM, Open Solutions and Netupdate

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is a "Whiskey In the Jar" collection, with versions of the song by a dozen artists. St. Bushmills' Choir, Salty Frog and The Crofters' versions are particular standouts, The Pogues' is surprisingly lifeless:

Reed Construction Data, a vendor of construction information products, has announced an enhancement of Reed DataLink, its service that gives customers the ability to select and import projects and related information into third-party customer relationship management (CRM) or sales force automation (SFA) applications.

The product allows users to give their sales forces leads and market intelligence. "The amplified Reed DataLink service reduces the traditional time of SFA or CRM information implementation from months to a matter of days, increasing the effectiveness -- and results -- of the users' front-line sales team," according to company officials.

Reed DataLink is an option with the online service, Reed Connect, which was updated with new features in February and has become one of RCD's most successful product launches. With DataLink, companies with sales management systems can integrate select data from Reed Connect directly into their own environments.

This is designed to boost the value and efficiency of a customer's SFA system by providing information and updates to an end-user's SFA screen.

"DataLink gives our customers an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on market information, managed through their own applications," said Craig Roberts, Director of Product Management with Reed Construction Data. "By design, this product aligns with the technology our customers already use, regardless of what system they have in place."

Technology from Cast Iron Systems is used to power DataLink's integration services. Iain Melville, CEO of Reed Construction Data, said Cast Iron "gives us the flexibility and capability to insert our market data directly into any customer SFA or CRM system."

Sales PRM, an experienced sales, business analysis and CRM organization based in Atlanta, has also joined Reed Construction Data to provide professional services for DataLink's integration.

Model Metrics, a implementation partner and developer, has announced the availability of Accelerate4Pharma for Salesforce.

Accelerate4Pharma is an on-demand business application that "changes the way sales teams for pharmaceutical companies manage and share information," company officials say, by "enabling comprehensive pharma-specific CRM functionality in an on-demand application."

The product's features include sample management, signature capture, and call reporting for on-site visits. Developed in Adobe Flex, Accelerate4Pharma is billed as "creating efficiencies for pharmaceutical sales reps via an integrated offline version." The offline capabilities give mobile sales teams call management functionality via multiple devices, including tablet PC, handheld devices or laptop computers.

"The advent of on-demand technology has revolutionized the pharmaceutical sales process," said Adam Caplan, president of Model Metrics. "Automation is nothing new to the pharma industry. Drug companies were early adopters of sales automation software in the 1980s and the industry has embraced CRM for years. Now, on-demand technology has transformed the cumbersome CRM, sample management and call reporting products that pharmaceutical companies have struggled with in the past."

And now, CRM in Iraq: Ebtikar Motors, a huge vehicle dealers group in the Middle East, has chosen Autologica DMS to manage its headquarters in Dubai and integrate its seven stores in Iraq.

Ebtikar Motors, considered one of Iraq's largest suppliers in the automotive sector, has decided to implement Autologica DMS in all of their dealerships. The firm sells important brands such as Nissan Motors, Nissan Diesel Trucks, Renault Trucks, and Jawa Motorcycles.

"This investor group has chosen us mainly due to the fact that our system is multi-brand and can integrate all of their stores in real-time. This will make management and administration tasks much easier," said Ana Drovandi, Sales Manager at Autologica.

Wisdom IT Solutions, an official Autologica partner for the Middle East, will be in charge of deploying the system, starting at the dealer group's main headquarters in Dubai, and gradually incorporating all seven stores distributed throughout Iraq.

Another reason Autologica DMS is chosen by dealer groups that have multiple points of sale is the integrated CRM tool, which lets stores plan sales calls and visits for each market, and then allows the central administration to track all clients and leads.

Autologica is present in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

Cornerstone Solutions has announced today that they will offer business and software products to the healthcare and life sciences industries. The new offerings will focus on delivering healthcare providers, health plans and life sciences organizations with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint products.

In addition Cornerstone will offer implementation and integration for existing systems as well as application development with Microsoft's .NET Infrastructure.

By using Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM healthcare providers can link disparate entities and systems together combining financial, patient management, reporting and analysis functions, Cornerstone officials say, adding that "Microsoft Dynamics GP allows healthcare providers the ability to manage compliance issues associated with HIPPA, JCAHO, electronic signatures and audit trails."

Bellevue, Washington-based Netupdate, a vendor of Web-based online point-of-sale technology for the mortgage lending industry, and Open Solutions, a vendor of integrated enabling technologies for financial service providers, have announced that they have signed a partnership referral agreement.

According to the terms of the agreement, Open Solutions will provide its clients with integrated access to Netupdate's Originator Pro technology.

Netupdate's Originator Pro is a point-of-sale product which, according to Netupdate officials, "helps lenders increase and generate additional business from the Internet."

Using the product borrowers can initiate loan applications and check the status at any time. Lenders are able to communicate critical information and updates to multiple parties, including realtors, builders and borrowers.

Through this partnership, Open Solutions' clients will, company officials say, "have access to a 24-hour origination channel, improved collaboration tools and the ability to automatically move loan data to the Open Solutions mortgage loan origination system, reducing the time, cost and complexity of these transactions."

CRM for nonprofits vendor Kintera has announced the addition of bswift, Masterworks, and CircleUp to the Kintera Connect Partner Program. Applications to be integrated with Kintera's platform include software and services for human resources and benefits technology, advanced data analytics, and social communication services.

"Because Kintera and Masterworks both serve Christian organizations and provide complementary products and services, the decision to join the program was simple," said Lee Wilhite, senior vice president of client services for Masterworks, a full-service marketing and development agency serving Christian organizations. "With our analytics and Kintera's Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) application reporting, nonprofits will be able to gather more detailed information on constituent behavior to enhance and tailor their marketing efforts to achieve greater results."

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