CRM for the Dallas Cowboys, CDC's New Products, Graham Ciboodle, Opera Link, Intelliworks' Orion, PacificNet Refiles 2004, 2005 Statements

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CRM for the Dallas Cowboys, CDC's New Products, Graham Ciboodle, Opera Link, Intelliworks' Orion, PacificNet Refiles 2004, 2005 Statements

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama's There Will Be A Light:

CDC Software, a subsidiary of CDC Corporation and a provider of industry-specific enterprise software applications and business services, has announced recently that it has added four new products and "enhanced most of the existing products in the Core Productivity Pack of c360," a suite of industry products and development tools for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

CDC Software will be demonstrating their new products, at the Microsoft EMEA Convergence Conference October 23 - 25, 2007 in Copenhagen. C360's Core Productivity Pack is being released in conjunction with Microsoft CRM version 4.0. The new products were designed "using customer and partner feedback," CDC officials say, "with a focus on increasing CRM usability."

The pack for CRM 4.0 now includes four new products -- the c360 Explorer CRM Search Engine which "indexes and organizes all Microsoft CRM records and attachments," and uses Microsoft Office SharePoint search to provide keyword search across CRM and SharePoint, and c360 SharePoint/Microsoft CRM integration which "bridges the gap between Microsoft CRM and SharePoint by enabling automatic creation of a SharePoint site for every required CRM entity," company officials say. Basically it allows CRM and non-CRM users to share the same documents.

There's also c360 Relationship Exploration and Charting, providing an automatic, relationship tree display of all relationships for every CRM record, and the c360 Record Editor, which can edit individual records in any CRM view without opening the individual records using a Microsoft Excel-like editing of CRM records.

There are also upgrades to existing products within the c360 Core Productivity Pack for Microsoft CRM 4.0, including the c360 Console, which allows Microsoft CRM users to design their CRM workspace in virtually any way they like.

Intelliworks officials say that nine higher education programs have chosen to use Orion from Intelliworks since the product's launch in late July, "resulting in 100 new users in the product's first 100 days."

New customers include The University of Pennsylvania, California State University-Sacramento, Northeastern University and Northwestern University, among others.

"With its fast deployment, ease of use, and affordable pricing structure, Orion provides compelling value to any individual and team to take control of their CRM needs," said Diane Raymond, director of admission for Intelliworks client New England College.

The Orion product is used to manage recruiting, outreach, and communication activities without an up-front IT investment, a long implementation cycle, or extensive training. Orion uses Software as a Service (SaaS) as its deployment model.

The Dallas Cowboys Football Club of the National Football League has chosen a team of integrated Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to consolidate customer information from its broad range of businesses into a single integrated database, Microsoft officials say.

The Dallas Cowboys team also is designing, developing, constructing and implementing the new Cowboys Stadium that will become its home in 2009. Among the enterprise's businesses are retail pro shops which sell Cowboys merchandise, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, a medical MRI center, and oil and gas companies.

"Oil and gas companies?" This is Texas, my friend.

The football team previously used Microsoft Dynamics NAV as its accounting system, but the rest of the enterprise businesses were using a jumble of desktop databases, spreadsheets and pen-and-paper methods for their operations.

The Cowboys evaluated a number of enterprise resource planning systems, including those from SAP, Oracle Corp., JD Edwards and PeopleSoft, before choosing Microsoft Dynamics AX as the foundation for its infrastructure and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to spearhead its plans to create a single view of its customers.

The team's new technology also incorporates the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System to provide centralized control for all its retail stores, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 for routing forms and for intranet communication, as well as Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management system.

The Cowboys organization plans to migrate most of its businesses to Microsoft Dynamics AX. Concession sales and other revenue streams will be consolidated within the Microsoft Dynamics AX accounting functions.

PacificNet, a vendor of gambling and mobile game technology, e-commerce, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in China, has announced it has filed the amended Annual Reports on Form 10-K/A with the SEC containing re-audited financial statements with respect to fiscal years 2004 and 2005.

PacificNet's annual report may be viewed at the SEC Web site at:

"We are happy to announce the filing of our amended 10K annual report," said Tony Tong, Chairman and CEO of PacificNet. "The completion of the re- audit allows the management team to fully focus our efforts on executing our business plan."

As previously announced, the company's prior independent public accountants have withdrawn their audit reports regarding the company's financial statements for the years 2004 and 2005 resulting in the NASDAQ Listing Qualification Panel's decision to commence delisting proceedings with respect to PacificNet's common stock.

The NASDAQ Listing Qualifications Panel had granted the company's request for continued listing, subject to the condition that on or before September 27, 2007 the company re-file the above years form 10K or face a determination by the NASDAQ Listing Qualifications Panel whether or not to grant continued listing.

Opera has released Opera Link, so now, according to company officials, "wherever you are, whatever Opera browser you use, or whichever device you use Opera on, you can instantly access your bookmarks, Speed Dial, and personal bar. Say goodbye to the tedious hassle of entering text in your mobile phone to visit your top sites and say hello to a new level of convenience from device to device."

Opera Link forms a key cornerstone of two beta products just released, company officials say: "Opera Link is supported in the Opera 9.5 beta and the newest beta of Opera Mini 4," a mobile Web browser. There is also a Web interface for users of any browser, and the Opera Web browser for PC/Mac/Linux and Opera Mini are available free.

Scotland's Graham Technology has announced that West Dunbartonshire Council has deployed its ciboodle customer interaction platform. The new system was demonstrated to an audience of government and public sector officials at a special launch event in the council's contact center in Clydebank.

The software deployment addresses the Scottish Government's Modernizing Government initiative, which has the objective of introducing business processes that will eventually deliver 80 percent of core service requests by citizens at the first point of contact.

The first phase of the deployment has delivered the ability to handle service requests including council tax, benefits, housing allocations and rental accounting, among others, including grants and allowances by the integration of back-office systems.

With ciboodle, the council's contact center now provides customers with a single point of contact for all enquires related to the above areas. The software also improves access to customer contact history.

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