CRM for Law Firm from Pivotal, Adenin's IntelliEnterprise Version 9, Dow Jones Client Solutions, SPSS and MarketBridge, Real Estate CRM, MORE from Pluris

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CRM for Law Firm from Pivotal, Adenin's IntelliEnterprise Version 9, Dow Jones Client Solutions, SPSS and MarketBridge, Real Estate CRM, MORE from Pluris

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Emmylou Harris and Robert Duvall's duet on "I Love To Tell The Story" from The Apostle soundtrack:

CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation and a provider of industry-specific enterprise software and services, announced today that Cobbetts, a British regional law firms with offices in Birmingham, Leeds, London and Manchester, has selected Pivotal CRM to "improve client understanding, promote best practices, streamline marketing activities, and capitalize upon untapped opportunities within the client base."

The move follows a none-too-shabby 26 percent rise in partner profits at the firm, which has a projected fee income approaching £65 million. According to Cobbetts, this success is partially driven by the firm's partner managed-client relationships approach. Using the Pivotal CRM, the Cobbettsians say, will give them a "holistic view of client activity, marketing, and case information in one intuitive system."

Kevin Goosman, Head of IT and CRM Project Manager, said they firm evaluated other providers, both enterprise and industry-specific, and the Pivotal CRM product "offers advanced functionality that can be configured for the way we want to do business."

Goosman specifically cited improvements in the firm's ability to enable them to ensure that all interactions, feedback and action points are visible to all parties interacting with a particular client, and to identify and act on cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with clients in practice areas.

Dow Jones & Company has introduced new capabilities offered by its services division, Dow Jones Client Solutions, which focuses on integrating job-specific information for corporate, media and financial clients. DJCS combines three former business units -- Factiva Consulting Services, Factiva Taxonomy Services and MarketWatch Licensing Services -- into one consulting-services practice.

According to IDC, most business professionals spend upwards of 25 percent of their work week looking for internal and external information. Of course if you're a CRM writer "looking for internal and external information" consumes a good 79 percent of your working day, with "drinking coffee" accounting for another 12 or 13 percent.

The new DJCS product combines Dow Jones content with Factiva content, blogs, Web content, multimedia and "a company's internal information," the Dow Jonesians say, and "distributes it according to a company's communication objectives."

Company officials say it's focused on bringing precision to enterprise search via Synaptica, which they describe as "a taxonomy and metadata management tool" for a "centralized repository for semantic management."

The product is being promoted to customers who need to "enhance their CRM, marketing intelligence portal, or intranet for financial advisors," among other needs., a real estate software company, has launched, which the Moresoldians are billing as "a free online Contact Management application." allows real estate agents to keep an online database of contacts and also keep track of their listings, commissions payable, buyer activities, closings, tasks, scheduled activities, contact notes, and other information, company officials say.

The free version allows users to store up to 100 contacts.

The premium version features unlimited contacts, import and export features, and the ability to add up to 10 additional users. The premium version is $9.95 per month.

In addition to the free contact management CRM, MoreSolds offers snap-on modules to further automate an agent's activities. These additional modules will allow agents to automatically send drip e-mail campaigns, send out a branded monthly e-mail newsletter and get automated feedback on listings.

Adenin Technologies, vendors of enterprise Intranet software suites, have released version 9 of IntelliEnterprise, which includes relational search, social networking, and "MyProfile" for the enterprise.

These enhancements "extend the product's Enterprise 2.0 capabilities, giving employees greater control and flexibility over how information in the enterprise is used and shared, while also allowing them to uncover previously unrecognized relationships between information assets," according to the Adeninoids.

With the fully reengineered Relational Search module, users have "a 360-degree view of all structured and unstructured information assets, including documents, wikis, blogs, streaming videos, podcasts, database and contact records," company officials say. It takes "full advantage" of user participation through things like tags and social bookmarks.

Employees searching the Intranet for a travel expense report form, for example, will not only be presented with the desired form, they will also be shown a listing of other related information they may need to access, such as travel advance requests, mileage reimbursement forms, and travel policies; or approved travel agency Web sites.

MarketBridge, a vendor of sales and marketing services, has announced it was named SPSS Systems Integrator Partner of the Year 2007 at the annual SPSS Directions User Conference in Orlando.

MarketBridge took home the Systems Integrator honor for developing joint products with SPSS, a vendor of predictive analytics software, to solve such marketing and sales problems as marketing mix optimization, improving B2B pipeline performance and leveraging "passive" market research techniques to estimate the attitudinal effects of marketing activities.

To read the Marketing Sciences white paper, ''Putting the Relationship Back in Relationship Marketing,'' detailing methods such as predictive analytics for building Relationship Marketing programs click on this link:

SPSS' Predictive Enterprise architecture is used by MarketBridge to implement a "collaborative CRM" program.

Pluris, a vendor of marketing products, has announced the release of its Marketing Optimization and Recommendation Engine, a package of analytics, recommendation engine and optimization engine that provides product recommendations, offer and messaging directives for the retail outlet, call center and Internet.

Pluris' MORE is a completely outsourced product, needing less than a few weeks of effort for enablement. Using its analytics, econometric models and optimization algorithms, MORE users can "pinpoint the most appropriate offer and message for each customer or prospect," according to the Plurisites.

The MORE engine works with communication at the point of sale, aligning the offer at the right point in time when the customer will be most receptive, company officials say. Messages are delivered during customer initiated conversations -- "well above the fray and clutter of outbound direct mail, e-mails, and other mass media."

One broadband services company that tested the MORE product improved its order rate by more than 50 percent, Pluris officials say, adding that "within one small call center alone, the increased sales effectiveness resulted in incremental annual revenues of $2.5 million."

The product fits in existing Web sites, sales processes, incentives, retention efforts, and store and franchise operational environments.

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