SAP and IBM Intro Lotus 'Atlantic' Product, iEnterprises' iLeads, Salesforce's Tibet Benefit Concert, PacificNet and Octavian, StayinFront and HP, DataOne

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SAP and IBM Intro Lotus 'Atlantic' Product, iEnterprises' iLeads, Salesforce's Tibet Benefit Concert, PacificNet and Octavian, StayinFront and HP, DataOne

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is The Louvin Brothers' "Do You Live What You Preach?"

At the annual Lotusphere conference this week, IBM and SAP AG have announced plans to deliver their first joint software product, codenamed "Atlantic," to integrate IBM Lotus Notes software with SAP Business Suite. It will be a "new style of applications that present information and data in the context of users familiar with the Lotus Notes desktop," according to SAP officials.

Currently planned for inclusion in the first release of project Atlantic is support for SAP workflows, reporting and analytics, and the use of roles from within the Lotus Notes client. Other planned tools would provide the ability to extend and adapt these roles and capabilities, as well as use additional collaborative and offline capabilities inherent in Lotus Notes and Domino products.

The initial release is planned to ship in the fourth quarter of 2008 and will be sold by both companies.

IBM Lotus and SAP have "thousands of mutual customers," SAP officials say, who have been "asking for the functionality that Atlantic software will provide." IBM officials say the majority of IBM's top 100 customers also use SAP products. Vishal Sikka, CTO, SAP, said the joint project "reaffirms the strong commitment we have to our partnership with IBM.”

IEnterprises, which sells desktop and wireless CRM, has launched iLeads, a new online lead generation functionality to help companies "efficiently manage their Web site traffic," and "improve their Web site rankings."

The tool lets companies use enhanced search engine optimization, as well as high-impact workflow. It's part of iExtensions CRM.

John Carini, chief software architect, iEnterprises, said it's the company's belief that many mid-market companies rely on Web site and search engines as the #1 way to attract visitors and produce enquiries. "However," he said, "many companies struggle with not only how to raise their visibility through search engines but also how to convert Web site traffic into registrations and sales." iLeads was developed to automate the entire process.

The product is said to help modify and optimize the content on a Web site so it is "easily indexed and ranked higher on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! It funnels and stores leads generated through Web site registrations into CRM. "Business logic then sends data captured straight into workflow within a CRM system.

ILeads is also billed as "a cost-effective way" to, over time, "replace or supplement AdWords, which can costs hundreds to thousands of dollars a month."

Industry observer Peter Kafka passes along an announcement from and its reclusive, media-shy CEO, Marc Benioff, about the 18th Annual Tibet House Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Wednesday, February 13th.

Featured performers to date include Band of Horses, Ray Davies (!), Nawang Khechog, Marisa Monte, Sufjan Stevens and Tom Verlaine, with "more artists to be announced."

The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. Prior to the show, Salesforce is hosting a cocktail reception at the Rohalyn/Shorin Room at Carnegie Hall beginning at 5:30 p.m. and immediately following the show, there will be "a gala dinner" at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 W 18th Street at 6th Avenue).

The benefit concert is made possible in part by a major gift from the Foundation, which describes its mission as to "remain the leaders in pioneering, evangelizing and implementing the 1 Percent Model," and use this model as "a means to improve the lives of people around the world."

It'd be worth it just to see Ray Davies alone. First Coffee is a big Kinks fan. All writers over the age of 40 are. You have to be. It's in the rules somewhere.

PacificNet, a vendor of gambling technology, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and e-commerce in China, has announced that its Octavian International subsidiary has launched its gambling platform Rebel.

The Rebel platform is one of a number of new products which Octavian will be presenting at ICE, Earls Court, London, 22-24 January, 2008 booth 3230.

The Rebel gambling platform is a ready-to-connect computing engine for EGMs (Electronic Gambling Machines) which has been designed to meet all known regulatory requirements for use in networked casinos, AWP and other gambling applications.

In addition to being at the heart of Octavian's pre-assembled Maverick, Rebel will also be made available for new EGM manufacturing and as an upgrade to compatible EGMs.

Octavian International was established in 2001 and has operations in the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, India, Australia and USA.

CRM vendor StayinFront has announced it has been accepted into the HP Developer & Solution Partner Program. The DSPP is designed to enable independent software vendors, systems integrators, developers and consultants to work collaboratively.

As part of the DSPP, StayinFront can showcase its products and services via an online catalog that reaches customers, interest groups and networks. The company can use HP's configuration assistance, technical seminars and remote and onsite access to customized systems, including help with porting, migration, testing and optimization.

The HP DSPP is aligned with StayinFront's global presence, through offices in the Asia Pacific region, Europe and North America. Tony Bullen, executive vice president and chief technology officer, StayinFront, said acceptance into this program "strengthens our knowledge of HP's information technology products."

StayinFront CRM can be delivered as a hosted application or installed on a corporate network. StayinFront CRM also supports a wide variety of mobile devices, such as tablet PCs, laptops and Pocket PCs.

Auto dealer core technology provider DataOne Software, a division of Norfolk, Virginia-based CRM and other products vendor Dominion Enterprises, has announced an increase of 250 auto dealership clients in 2007, along with a 60 percent increase in revenues.

The 47 percent growth in customers is more than the combined total of new business generated by the company since it was founded 8 years ago. The new clients include more than a dozen dealerships at the top of the Wards MegaDealer 100 list.

Jock Pereira, Managing Director, DataOne Software, credits "our partnership with Dealer Specialties and Dealerskins" for the significant impact on expansion. "Dealerships are moving to self-serve inventory management or a hybrid product of full and self-serve."

DataOne Software's core products include self-serve inventory management, lead management, pricing intelligence and SEO-engineered Web sites. The company's "Just Build It" philosophy means selling "the exact technology needed to compliment on-the-lot services and enhance existing Dealership Management Systems," officials say.

DataOne Software, a division of Dominion Enterprises, was founded in 1999 to provide core technology products to auto dealers nationwide.

Dominion Enterprises, headquartered in Norfolk, operates a variety of technology businesses that offer Internet marketing, Web site design and hosting, lead generation, CRM, and data capture and distribution services including Advanced Access, PowerSports Network, and Dealer Specialties.

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