CRM for Vehicle Transport, BScaler Improves Security, SugarCRM in Chicago, Oracle CRM in Egypt, SAP CRM FOR TNT FRM AMC, Monitise America

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CRM for Vehicle Transport, BScaler Improves Security, SugarCRM in Chicago, Oracle CRM in Egypt, SAP CRM FOR TNT FRM AMC, Monitise America

The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, having stayed up until five in the morning to watch the Super Bowl here in Istanbul there are a few more cups of coffee in the offing here too, sports fans, and the music is Ramsay Midwood's Shoot Out At the O.K. Chinese Restaurant:, an automobile industry software vendor, has announced a new online vehicle management tool for automating vehicle transportation, both for auto dealers and car carriers. It's built right into the CentralDispatch Web-based system and is described by company officials as "essentially a CRM system for vehicle transportation."

The tool is designed to save auto dealers, transport brokers, manufacturers and other shippers time and money by transforming a paper, fax and phone-based procedure into an automated process that connects shippers to car carriers on the Internet.

From a dealer beginning to move a vehicle, until delivery, the tool provides visibility online with e-mail alerts whenever the vehicle status changes. The dealer and the carrier can both track progress and interact in a structured way through the Web site. A dealer can log onto the site at any time from any location and have immediate access to the status of his vehicles in transport.

The auto dealer simply posts the details on concerning any vehicles he wants to transport, including pickup and delivery locations, and make and model.

Once he has heard back from interested carriers, usually within a day, he logs onto CentralDispatch and clicks "assign" to choose his preferred carrier. The carrier then logs on to review the contract details, and, if all looks good clicks "accept" and the contract is executed. Both the carrier and the auto dealer can then track the entire process online, anytime and from any location.

Web-based ERP provider BScaler has announced that they have "hardened their operating system and enhanced security at the system binary level" in the event of a breach or intrusion. BScaler's business management product integrates CRM, Service, Operations and Accounting functions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

John Cabri, VP of Marketing and Business Development, said the firm's "global approach" centers around three core security areas -- "the data center, the Internet, and the application."

BScaler uses a Unix or Linux OS, depending on the deployment, at its core. By hardening the OS (read only) and securing the system binaries, they believe they have made it more difficult for someone with nefarious intent to attack their system.

"We worked hard to get this additional layer of security into our latest release," said John Pham, founder and CEO.

Some of the security features include a 24/7 secure, access-controlled data center employing commercial-grade firewalls for all their production servers, as well as employing state-of-the-art monitoring software. As data is carried over the internet, 128-bit SSL encryption is used to ensure data security. At the application level, role-based IDs and passwords prevent employees from access to data beyond the scope of their responsibility.

Steven Mulhall, VP of Sales at BScaler, said the firm had a Florida-based customer "whose building was completely demolished by a hurricane; they lost everything. However, from a hotel room in Atlanta, the company's president and his employees were able to access their data and maintain business continuity."

Intelestream, an official SugarCRM partner in Chicago, has announced that the group "Everything SugarCRM Chicago" held their first meeting recently.

"Everyone said the meeting was a tremendous help. There were people there who were considering various CRM options and just wanted to learn more about Sugar, people who are already using the application, and programmers interesting in learning more about SugarCRM code. I believe these regular meetings benefit all," said Jason Green, Founder and CEO of Intelestream.

Included on each month's agenda are the latest tips and tricks for making the most out of SugarCRM, a question and answer session with SugarCRM experts, and current information about software patches and new releases. From absolute beginner to expert administrator, the meet-up is open to all interested in learning more about SugarCRM.

Meetings are free of charge and take place the last Thursday of each month between 12 noon and 2 p.m. Registration for the group can be found at

Raya, an IT firm working in the Middle East, was chosen to help with the Oracle e-business suite for Egyptian gas provider Natgas, serving "human resources, financial, logistics, and CRM functions," Raya officials say.

The Natgas network transports and distributes natural gas to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in 6th of October City, Salam & Nahda city, Kafr Eldawar city, Damanhour city, Agamy city, West Alexandria and Borg EL-Arab.

Natgas adopted Oracle to "cope with technological advancement in all industries and to acquire easier functionality," according to Natgas officials. The Oracle suite is intended to let Natgas improve customer services by getting operations and delivering the service more effectively, empowering the effectiveness of internal operations within the company, integrating the finance and operations functions, and streamlining the purchasing, inventory and general ledger, Natgas officials say.

The Raya team customized a new module for the letter of credit and set all the integration points with purchasing, inventory and general ledger modules, offered an enhanced cycle of CRM operations and assured quality.

Delivery service TNT Post has selected a software subscription from AMC Technology to integrate their CRM and contact centers at multiple locations. TNT Post chose the AMC Multi-Channel Integration Suite to integrate SAP CRM with a contact center provided by Nortel for their multi-site integration of SAP CRM 4.0 and their Nortel Contact Center 6.0.

AMC's subscription for MCIS software gives TNT Post integration between SAP CRM and the Nortel Contact Center. This helps collect interaction details in SAP and provide screen pops to agents for incoming calls.

"We are proud to be selected for this business critical integration for TNT Post," stated Anthony X. Uliano, President and CTO of AMC Technology, L.L.C. "We are also pleased with the market interest in our recently introduced subscription based licensing option."

Monitise Americas, a mobile banking and payments provider, has announced that five additional financial institutions have signed agreements with NYCE Payments Network to provide mobile services to their customers and members. These new agreements bring the total number to 20 financial institutions that have chosen the Monitise Americas mobile product. NYCE Payments Network is a U.S. debit card payments network and a Metavante company.

The company had ten signings earlier this year. The recent signings include Commerce Bank of Arizona, Forest Park National Bank & Trust in Illinois, Industrial Credit Union of Boston, Patriot State Bank in North Carolina and Wedbush Bank, Los Angeles.

Customers of the participating financial institutions will be able to check their account balances, view recent transactions, transfer funds and receive text message alerts. Additional services including bill payment and person-to-person payments are on tap.

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