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CRM from Autobase, ReachForce, Bank of America, SalesCentric and Microsoft, Salesforce and Zoom, DataOne, Open Text

The news as of the first green beer this morning, and in honor of St. Patrick's Day, the music is a pubful of great Celtic bands -- The Pogues, of course, Brace Yourself Bridget, Van Morrison, The Crofters, The Dropkick Murphys and The Dust Rhinos. I mean, we have over twelve versions of "Whiskey in the Jar" alone. You think I'm kidding.

Incidentally Patrick himself, born in Scotland around 385 A.D., was the first person recorded in world history to publicly oppose slavery in all forms. This position would not appear publicly anywhere else until the Enlightenment:

Carchex, a products resource for auto dealers, has announced that automotive CRM vendor Autobase, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has integrated the Carchex WarrantyCRM remarketing program with Autobase's Platinum CRM Program.

Explaining the move, Jason Goldsmith, CEO of Carchex, said the partnership would "make it easier for dealers to use customer data to create new revenue streams."

With WarrantyCRM from Carchex, dealers can access a remarketing program that provides a dealer's existing customer base with extended warranty protection. Carchex contacts each customer on behalf of the dealer and offers the present warranty product.

The program requires no investment from the dealer, Carchex officials say, as it uses customer data from each dealer's Autobase CRM system, and pays the dealer for each extended warranty sold.

The subscription-based Autobase Platinum CRM Program gives participating dealers benefits and services including data enhancement, multi-touch digital campaigns, permission-based e-mail marketing and automated voice messaging. In addition to WarrantyCRM, dealers also will have access to services such as Polk Lead Scoring, creative e-newsletters, video e-mail postcards, and financial performance reporting.

ReachForce, a vendor of on-demand software and data services for lead generation, has announced the launch of the ReachForce Partner Network, a consortium of Sales, Marketing and Service/Support Automation vendors.

Automation tools are intended to improve the execution and tracking of business processes in marketing, sales and services. ReachForce's role-based contact databases are marketed as improving the effectiveness of marketing and sales initiatives, and supporting these relationships once they are established. ReachForce has already partnered with

"Our goal in creating the ReachForce Partner Network is to enhance the value of CRM products that enables companies to win new customers," said Suaad Sait, CEO of ReachForce.

ReachForce has brought on Adrian DeVore as Senior Director of Corporate Development to focus efforts on creating and maintaining these relationships. "The CRM landscape can no longer look at these technologies in silos; they need to look at the aggregate value they provide companies running their businesses," said DeVore. "Our goal in building this partner network is to bring the missing ingredient into the mix, decision support dashboards and data."

SalesCentric officials say they have launched the Enterprise edition of Relationship Charts for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 at the Convergence 2008 conference in Orlando.

SalesCentric's Relationship Charts offer users "a visual interface for managing critical business information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM," company officials say. The Enterprise edition supports all entities inside the CRM product, including those known as "custom" and "system" entities.

This flexibility, SalesCentric officials say, allows CRM users to view and manage charts of a variety of relationships. Sectors where Dynamics CRM users can use the views are Financial Services, Legal, Government, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Member-based Organizations and Transportation, among others.

Vehicle inventory management product vendor DataOne Software, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has announced that its WebMall technology was selected by the Greensboro News & Record consumer auto site. The WebMall platform provides "increased functionality, new tools and more high-quality content" for local auto buyers and sellers, according to DataOne officials.

Jock Pereira, general manager of DataOne Software, said "the user experience has been redefined to attract more visitors and provide them with everything they need to research and purchase a vehicle."

The new site combines DataOne Software's inventory management and WebMall technology with the paper's online, print classified and For Sale By Owner vehicle listings to create a searchable online database.

Additional features include an advanced system for promoting specific dealers and cars as well as an open source architecture ad banner system that supports multiple banners and targeted advertising.

WebMall uses LAMP (Linux operating system, Apache Web server, MYSQL database management system and PHP programming language) product stacking for a 100 percent open source platform.

Business information vendor ZoomInfo has announced that ZoomInfo PowerSell is now fully integrated with Salesforce. Users of Salesforce can now use ZoomInfo PowerSell's advanced search capabilities from within Salesforce to "find and de-dupe new leads, qualify prospects and complete the data quality of their existing Salesforce leads, contacts and companies," according to ZoomInfo officials.

ZoomInfo was certified and available in's AppExhange this month. It's a business information search tool designed to help sales teams access sales intelligence on companies and people. PowerSell SF users can access personal profiles on decision makers with organized data and Web references.

Matthew Gonnering, vice president of sales and marketing at Widen Enterprises, said by using the tool directly within Salesforce and our CRM workflow, "ZoomInfo has made it easy to find key contacts and build lists of prospects."

ZoomInfo PowerSell SF is available immediately through the AppEx.

Open Text, a vendor of enterprise content management, has unveiled its Enterprise 2.0 strategy designed to "help customers transform their organizations with powerful social computing tools," according to Open Text officials.

The Open Texters say they're taking collaboration and Web products offerings to "a new level, providing 2.0 capabilities -- wikis, forums, blogs, tagging, moderation, communities and real-time collaboration," while "still respecting compliance initiatives."

Web 2.0 technologies allow the Web to be "a platform to harness collective intelligence," company officials say: "Applied in the enterprise, organizations can achieve a future desired state of Enterprise 2.0, where its internal and external Web sites and applications get better the more people use them. Application of these new technologies creates more engaging Web experiences, improves knowledge sharing and collaboration, increases employee productivity and helps improve brand loyalty and interaction."

The company said Open Text will provide products aimed at "collaboration and social computing requirements behind the firewall as a natural extension of customers' current ECM initiatives," as well as enablement of public Web sites, intranets and extranets.

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