Boomi and StrikeIron, UniOne and NewMarket, W-Systems, IMS’ TNT, Helio and RightNow Telecom

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Boomi and StrikeIron, UniOne and NewMarket, W-Systems, IMS’ TNT, Helio and RightNow Telecom

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The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, and we need music to keep us going through a long day here, something light yet compelling, fun yet something to sing along to without sounding brain-dead, lively but not tiring… ah, here we are, the Jimmy Buffett iPod Mix:
Boomi, a vendor of on-demand integration and StrikeIron, which sells products for delivering data over the Internet, have announced a partnership “focused on driving Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) adoption by enabling integration of StrikeIron’s Marketplace Web services into Boomi On Demand,” Boomi officials say.
Boomi users can now use business intelligence, CRM, e-commerce and financial products that StrikeIron offers with no additional coding required.
The StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace provides over 100 data services from technology suppliers. Using the Internet as a platform, StrikeIron supplies business users and enterprises with a single location for accessing data for integration into an application, mashup platform, product or Web site.
“With Boomi’s functionality and SaaS-based model, users can create products using data provided in the StrikeIron Marketplace, such as D&B or Gale business data or Cortera credit scores,” explained Bob Brauer, president and founder of StrikeIron. “This data can be integrated, using only a Web browser, with Boomi’s connections for NetSuite, Oracle E-Business Suite, Peachtree, Quick Books, Salesforce and SAP ERP.”
Boomi On Demand handles any combination of SaaS and integration with most on premises applications. Once integration processes are built, they are deployed via a lightweight, dynamic runtime engine called an “Atom.” Boomi Atoms are completely self-contained and autonomous and can be run on virtually any server.
NewMarket Technology has announced “strong Latin America sales growth year-to-date,” including UniOne’s recent contract with $10 billion Anglo American.
UniOne, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, also has an office in Santiago, Chile, and focuses on providing Business Intelligence (BI) as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Performance Management (BPM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) consulting services throughout Latin America.
Anglo American, an existing client of NewMarket’s subsidiary UniOne, has chosen the consulting company to implement a multinational, multi-continent, Oracle Hyperion Planning project for Anglo American’s Base Metals division.
The project is being developed in Chile, but will be implemented across three continents: South America, Europe, and Africa, and in four additional countries, including Ireland, South Africa, Namibia, and Brazil. The project alone is valued at approximately $600,000 and is expected to be completed by the end of July.
Hyperion Planning is a budgeting and forecasting product from Oracle that integrates operational and financial planning processes. UniOne is an Oracle partner based in Latin America.
Anglo American, who reported 2007 operating revenues of $10.1 billion, is a mining concern whose core mining business is focused on industrial minerals, coal, base and ferrous metals, platinum and diamonds. Anglo American has operations and development projects in North and South America, Europe, Australia and Africa.
NewMarket Technology is currently working to consolidate UniOne into the company’s Latin American subsidiary. The Latin American subsidiary is a recent acquisition which is in the process of being brought current with its reporting requirements in order to move back to the OTCBB.
CRM software vendor W-Systems has awarded Top Partner status to five of their most successful wMobile partners. Recognized are Ticomix of Rockford, Illinois, Relationship Automation of Los Angeles, Longbow Consulting Group of Beverly, Massachusetts, First Direct of Hopewell Junction, New York and The Trainers Advisory Network of Mississauga, Ontario.
W-Systems has announced over 50 new active partners for the wMobile Mobile CRM software product, company officials say, describing it as “a mobile telephone client for the GoldMine CRM system providing bi-directional interaction with the company’s organizational CRM system.”
The wMobile product is billed as allowing small and mid-sized organizations to adopt a mobile CRM product.

Mark Durrant, President of Relationship Automation, said, “Most systems we’ve implemented have been installed in an hour or so. It’s clear that they’ve put a lot of thought into making the system simple to use as well as powerful and have developed a system will actually be used.”

“As a small software developer, we count on the enthusiasm of our reseller partner to reach out customers,” says Christian Wettre, President of W-Systems.

W-Systems offer a variety of customer relationship management software applications.
International Monetary Systems, a vendor of something First Coffee has admittedly never covered before but sounds like a pretty good idea, business-to-business barter services, announced the roll-out of its proprietary barter commerce management software, Trade Network Tracking System.
The TNT System is at the heart of IMS’s day-to-day operations, handling the processing of real-time B2B trade dollar transactions, managing client information and transaction histories, internal reporting, business intelligence, and CRM.
The TNT System is a database-driven, service-oriented architecture created on the latest Microsoft .NET Framework technologies, including the Windows Communications Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation.
The TNT System “also benefits from the core functionality and established best practices of the company’s previous system, TradeWorks, for which IMS purchased the source code in 2007,” company officials said.
Nathan Alpert, IMS Chief Software Architect, said TNT “opens the door to barter transactions eventually being processed in real time through P.O.S. swipe card technology, consistent with our mission to make barter easy to use and bring its advantage to many more businesses.”
Founded in 1985, International Monetary Systems serves 18,000 businesses representing 23,000 cardholders in 50 North American markets. Its Trade Network Tracking System, enables businesses and individuals to trade goods and services online using an electronic currency known as trade dollars.
Helio, an American mobile service provider, has selected RightNow Telecom, RightNow
Technologies’ on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) product for telecommunication companies.
Helio is “supporting its customer base by using RightNow on-demand CRM,” company officials say, from “relying on RightNow to gather and act on customers’ opinions to giving Helio contact center agents a way to provide information to customers.”
Following a service interaction, Helio uses RightNow to send customers a survey, so that they can rate their overall experience, including hold time and the agent’s professionalism and knowledge.
The product lets Helio modify survey questions, and “this flexibility has helped Helio increase survey response rates by 900 percent,” Helio officials say.
The RightNow knowledge base provides Helio agents with one, central repository of information regarding product updates, and previous customer inquiries, and helps train new employees by providing responses that they can access.
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