Syclo and SAP, SalesQuest and Twitter, GoAhead and SAFfire3.0, Customer Connect and 3i Consulting

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Syclo and SAP, SalesQuest and Twitter, GoAhead and SAFfire3.0, Customer Connect and 3i Consulting

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is... goodness, been such a crazy morning we forgot to put on the music... hang on... there we go, some Sunny Border Blue from alternative chanteuse Kristin Hersh, formerly of Throwing Muses:

Tired of your field service techs being behind on changing information that affects what they're doing? Syclo and SAP may have something for you. At Sapphire 2009 and the 2009 ASUG Annual Conference, Syclo, a vendor of mobile enterprise platforms and applications, has announced a mobile product, the SMART Service Manager, which company officials say results from its relationship with SAP AG. 
With a mobile product for the market, "we'll be expanding our relationship for SAP's customers in CRM," says Rich Padula, president and CEO of Syclo. "As a recognized leader with proven mobile solutions for field service and asset management, Syclo's solutions offer integration with SAP Business Suite software and are in use by SAP customers today."
The product is intended to extend the SAP Customer Relationship Management application to field service technicians using Syclo's SMART Mobile Suite, a family of applications certified as powered by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. SMART runs on a broad range of devices regardless of connectivity. It's billed by Syclo officials as letting field service technicians use "intuitive action-driven workflow," and get "up-to-the-minute customer history and service information."

Jujhar Singh, senior vice president, Solution Management for CRM, SAP AG, said the Syclo product does aid service for SAP CRM.

Tweet away for SalesQuest now. SalesQuest has announced that it has expanded its corporate communications strategy to include as another platform to communicate directly with customers and prospects. 
Company officials say SalesQuest will be using Twitter in combination with the SalesQuest blog to communicate about relevant sales and marketing related topics on the Fortune 1000 and Global 500. Tim Davenport, SalesQuest's social media guru, said by following them on Twitter, "our customers will know what CRUSH reports are being updated, when new CRUSH reports are built and added to the platform and we'll notify them of important sales trigger events happening in the Fortune 1000 and Global 500."
SalesQuest's CRUSH Report analysts will be using to "communicate with customers, prospects, build brand awareness" and "establish SalesQuest in the Fortune 1000 sales intelligence marketplace," company officials say. The company says SalesQuest's followers will "gain insight" to what CRUSH Report analysts are doing every day.
SalesQuest's CRUSH Report analysts are tweeting about such events as organizational changes, security breaches, active technology projects, new data center openings, mergers and acquisitions, decision maker changes within the Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies, the weather in San Antonio, to ask if anybody knows a good sushi place in St. Louis...

In addition, company officials say, SalesQuest's customers will have a direct line of communication to CRUSH analysts in order to ask questions about CRUSH Reports and CRUSH Alerts, provide feedback on the searchable CRUSH Update Online platform, and make direct requests for new products and services.

Middleware vendor GoAhead Software has announced SAFfire 3.0, which allows for implementation of the Service Availability Forum's open specifications "with a spotlight on support of the Platform Management Service," company officials say. 
Along with SAFfire 3.0, the company has announced the GoAhead SA Forum Ecosystem Program and the GoAhead SA Forum Architectural Design Service. This is described as a service which combines technology, expertise and partner ecosystem for "a low-risk approach" for ensuring the availability of systems. It'll be generally available in July.

Simon Stanley, who has the job title First Coffee, as well as many others, no doubt, would love -- "analyst at large" for Heavy Reading, said when implementing such a product, success criteria include "dedicated engineering focus, assured flexibility and a proven track record."

SAFfire features functionality to monitor and manage redundant hardware and software system resources to ensure 99.999 percent or better availability ("or better?" What's the functional difference between 99.999 and 99.9991?), as well as millisecond, stateful failover and checkpointing to preserve application data and uninterrupted service. This is combined with support of the SA Forum Application Interface Specification, GoAhead officials say.
In addition to the capabilities offered in SAFfire 3.0, GoAhead rounds out the offering with the GoAhead SA Forum Architectural Design Service and the GoAhead SA Forum Ecosystem program.

Customer Connect Associates officials say they're delivering "advanced, sophisticated Web site upgrades" -- for themselves.
The aim of the Web site, evidently, is to be as easy for clients and prospects to find the information they want and the help that they need as possible, according to company officials. Prominent among the advantages of these new connections to the user is the fact that they are completely free of charge. Which should broaden the appeal in this economy. Heck, it should broaden the appeal in an up economy as well.

"We see the new additions to as a significant improvement over the old version of our primary Web site," says CEO Geoff Ables, adding that the company has included additional information "linked to news feeds from our related sites" and improved their ability to deliver archived and library content to visitors. 

Some sites linked to the Customer Connect home page are, which explains the seminars and Webinars the company offers, as well as and, their blogs relating to issues dealing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and, respectively. An additional blog on the topic of Web 2.0,, is also offered.  
Each blog contains tips, how-to instructions, and specific expertise and tools exclusive to Customer Connect Associates.
3i Consulting, a developer of mobile products for the SAP platform, has announced the availability of an Employee Self Service portal designed for the SAP ERP and BlackBerry platforms. And if you wonder why there's so much SAP news here today, when major vendors hold their yearly bashes they do tend to generate press releases.
The product, powered by 3i's Mobile Workplace platform, provides access to common ESS functionality such as SAP Workflow tasks, creation and updating of employee banking, address and benefits information as well as time sheet entry and creation of leave requests. The functionality available on Employee Self Service portal is configurable, company officials say, and the portal can be enhanced with any federal, country and state specific functionality.

"2009 is shaping up to be an exciting year for SAP mobility as there is an increasing focus on cost reduction and the ability to streamline non income-producing activities, such as HR functionality, is pushed further into the spotlight," said David Sherman, Director of Sales at 3i Consulting Inc., who added that when a company considers how much time is wasted by employees chasing approvals or leave requests, they "quickly see the inherent value" of such processes.

The company, 3i Consulting, has been developing complementary SAP products since 2001 and focuses on stuff that address bottlenecks in business processes. 3i offers a QuickStart trial of Mobile Workplace through its Web site.

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