Marvell's Network Processor, Verify Addresses Now, Satellite Optimization, E911

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Marvell's Network Processor, Verify Addresses Now, Satellite Optimization, E911

Linley Gwennap, principal analyst for The Linley Group, recently wrote a white paper entitled "The Untold Story of Marvell's Processor Development." It's an enthralling tale quite relevant to the network processor industry.

Gwenapp delves into the eight-year effort that preceded the recent launch of Marvell's Sheeva processors, explaining how the company became a leading CPU supplier without announcing a single processor product."

The paper also looks at these new processors and their applicability to communications, printers, storage, consumer, and mobile applications, and "provide a peek at some next-generation CPUs."
Marvell is a vendor in several markets, including hard-drive controllers, Ethernet chips, and mobile Wi-Fi chips -- and not comics. Different Marvel.
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Confirming the quality of address data should be done as it is captured - not later. Using address verification software from the very beginning can reduce 
the risk of invalid information.

A recent white paper by Forrester highlighted this fact, delving into the intricacies behind effective address verification.

While "after-the-fact batch cleansing" is extremely valuable for scrubbing large volumes of legacy or acquired address data, it is a downstream process with no ability to request additional information. "The only way to guarantee that an address will be accurate and deliverable is to verify it during the data capture process -- while the customer is still engaged online, on the phone or in person."
Batch address cleansing is valuable, the paper says, when "high volumes of address data collected from a variety of disparate data capture systems need to be processed. Hundreds of thousands of addresses can easily be standardized, cleansed, validated, and enriched in a few short hours using a centralized data quality or address cleansing software or service solution."
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Internet delivered over an optimized satellite connection can be a beautiful thing.
XipLink uses three core elements to optimize Internet over satellite: transport layer TCP Acceleration and optimization, advanced data compression and HTTP Acceleration.
According to a XipLink white paper, "these technologies deliver a superior DSL-like user experience while making more efficient and effective use of available bandwidth."
Satellite communication is a medium that sanctions latency and loss properties unlike the terrestrial Internet, adding that "what's more, there is generally a much higher price premium on access to this bandwidth, given the expensive cost of satellites and ground equipment."
This makes the business case for performance enhancement to the point where such technology is a virtual requirement for efficient Internet over satellite. The ROI on such technology is generally very short, down to a matter of months.
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RedSky recently issued a good white paper on E911, finding that E911 implementation is a critical security and corporate liability issue that must be addressed... promptly.

True enough, and the paper presents "the factors that enterprises should consider when evaluating E911 including the risk and liability factors, regulatory issues, what the experts are saying, the benefits accrued by enterprises that have Implemented E911 and the solutions available."
With basic 9-1-1 service, it notes, "an emergency dispatcher knows only the billing address for the phone. But if an enterprise has a multi-line telephone system, the billing address may be quite different from the location of the 9-1-1 caller."
E911 allows enterprises to create location records (ALI) for every telephone or every Emergency Response Location, the paper says, adding that E911 "enables the delivery of a detailed location record to 9-1-1 dispatchers so they have not only the address of the building but detailed location information that describes the location of the 9-1-1 caller, such as the conference room in the west hallway on the 12th floor."
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