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February 2011

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Voice of Customer Program, Call Center's Grandstream, Sierra's Amiot, More Bandwidth!

February 24, 2011

At the recently-concluded ITEXPO East in Miami, TMC's Juliana Kenny had the chance to interview Olivier Amiot, director of Marketing, Enterprise and Consumer Solutions for Sierra Wireless. He gave a presentation about consumer products during the M2M Evolution segment.

When asked if there was a certain targeted audience for this presentation, he said it was for Internet application engineers and companies trying to understand better how to get into these markets.

TMC's Bob Emmerson wrote that Sierra Wireless unveiled four new products recently:

Two 4G mobile hotspots: the AirCard 753S and AirCard 754S connect up to fiveWiFi-enabled devices simultaneously to the Internet over Dual-Carrier HSPA+ and LTE networks, respectively. Both products are scheduled for commercial shipments in the second quarter of this year. The company will also offer a suite of accessories designed to enhance performance and functionality, e.g.

CRM Installed or Cloud, SAP Endorses InQuira, UC Webinar, MetLife Call Center

February 22, 2011

If you were looking for a good rough 'n' ready side by side comparison of workforce management software compared in its cloud and on-premise, installed varieties, well, this is your lucky day, pilgrim. Monet Software's got one right here, excerpts follow comparing how "the different models would impact the cost, implementation, usage and success of the Workforce Management in your organization."

Set up and implementation. Cloud offers fast set up, vendor creates new account, and users access it through a web browser. The On Premise kind takes time to purchase, install and configure both the hardware and software.

Upfront investment.

Call Center Resolutions, NetTALK.com and Facebook, Salesforce.com and Dimdim, Contact Center Webinar

February 12, 2011

According to officials of EliteTele.com, it’s okay to forget all those New Year’s resolutions and just “go for one company changing proposal -- maintain the quality of your management with call recording.”

Hey, how many New Year’s resolutions do you actually keep anyway?

Have you ever given thought, company officials ask, suspecting the answer, to how call recording equipment “can effectively drive a management team to stronger realms?” Don’t listen to those squeakers on your staff who gripe about “Big Brother” this or that, how you’re listening in on your inbound calls, because the fact is that first, they can find other work if it bothers them that much, and two, it can change the face of your company and better your employees.

Because the fact is, as company officials say, call recording software also “enables you to see which phone calls were successful, not just by listening to the calls, but by linking them to the contact call with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ to determine which calls turned into sales.” It’s easy to listen to your recordings, since the company gives you a unique username and password to log in via the website.

ClickEquations and CRM, Contactual OnDemand, Virtual Call Center, Angel.com's IVR

February 12, 2011

Recently ClickEquations officials noted -- correctly -- that conversions take place in a lot of places, “in an online shopping cart, on a web form, in the call center, at a physical store, or even in CRM databases.”

But strangely enough, most paid search marketers only measure what happens online. ClickEquations’ new external conversion tracking capabilities seeks to change that.

The company is offering a way to “allow advertisers to track, analyze, and optimize paid search campaigns based on the value realized in any or all conversion points,” officials say, adding that “the result is a more accurate reporting and the ability to make much smarter bid management decisions.”

Sangoma's Card Benefits, Google's Android Customers, Customer Agent Horrors, Clarity and Ooma Partnership

February 12, 2011

Officials of ITEXPO East Diamond sponsor Sangoma say the company’s interface cards and gateways for carriers come with some commendable benefits.

They're cost-effective in providing telephony connectivity, as well has having the highest voice quality in its class and multi-application support. 

Company officials also tout their compact form factor with 2U height fits in all major server or computer types, as well as their worldwide distribution, support and certifications, and the lifetime warranty on all hardware.

Monitis's Android Appeal, Telecom Customers' 2011, REVE Systems Philanthropy, Telepresence Doctors

February 12, 2011

“This app is our latest tool in our mission to help busy sysadmins monitor just about any part of their IT infrastructure – anytime and from anywhere,” said Monitis Founder and CEO, Hovhannes Avoyan, according to THN News, referring to its new Android monitoring application.

“We’re dedicated to making IT pros’ jobs easier in every way, and our new Android monitoring application offers yet a greater level of convenience,” added Avoyan.

For many, Monitis officials say, the Android operating system is becoming the smartphone technology of choice. Citing Nielsen Company figures, in the six months leading up to August 2010, Android was the top platform in the U.S., reflecting 32 percent of new purchases, followed by the iPhone and the BlackBerry platform, both about 25 percent of new purchases.

Acapela.tv Customer Features, Teleperformance Customer Award, Bible App a Winner, Ooma's Special Features

February 12, 2011

Acapela.tv, described by its adoring officials as "the sparkling, talkative, playground, proud to count over 60 million talking cards created by its enthusiastic fans," has announced new features for members.

Evidently, according to company officials, "the ever-growing community of acapela.tv users is demanding new features and games to keep sharing the fun with family and friends." So of course acapela.tv has responded to that, everybody wants to keep the fun going, after all, and the company "is launching its Premium channel, now on air, broadcasting to a screen near you."

Acapela.tv comes in three modes -- free and unregistered, free and registered and Premium. Each step up in mode adds content and features, as is to be expected. The Premium offers a no-ads interface, more content, more features, more texts and "much more... for a nominal yearly subscription."

And to celebrate the launch of acapela.tv Premium, acapela.tv Premium content will be available to all, absolutely free, until January 31st.

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