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| CRM, ERP, Contact Center, Turkish Coffee and Astroichthiology: Customer Features, Teleperformance Customer Award, Bible App a Winner, Ooma's Special Features, described by its adoring officials as "the sparkling, talkative, playground, proud to count over 60 million talking cards created by its enthusiastic fans," has announced new features for members.

Evidently, according to company officials, "the ever-growing community of users is demanding new features and games to keep sharing the fun with family and friends." So of course has responded to that, everybody wants to keep the fun going, after all, and the company "is launching its Premium channel, now on air, broadcasting to a screen near you." comes in three modes -- free and unregistered, free and registered and Premium. Each step up in mode adds content and features, as is to be expected. The Premium offers a no-ads interface, more content, more features, more texts and "much more... for a nominal yearly subscription."

And to celebrate the launch of Premium, Premium content will be available to all, absolutely free, until January 31st. After that... well, let's not spoil the fun now.

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Based on its “thorough analysis of the challenges, drivers, and trends in the contact center outsourcing market,” Frost & Sullivan officials say, the company has presented Teleperformance with multiple leadership awards for customer service, market share and competitive strategy innovation.

"Frost & Sullivan's Awards are not easy to garner," says Jeff Frigstad, global director for Best Practices. "For a single company like Teleperformance to be recognized multiple times within a single year from all around the world represents an industry first,” he added.

Customer care outsourcing is a subset within the broader business process outsourcing industry. Enterprises contract outsourcing service providers to manage inbound and outbound customer interactions for customer care, sales and marketing, technical support and help desk inquiries.

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..., the audio-based Bible app created by Faith Comes by Hearing, has reached one million downloads in just five months, according to officials of the Digital Bible Project.

Faith Comes By Hearing has established its app as an expression of its DigitalBibleProject, calling it “a platform like none other in the world, combining the latest technology with the world's largest digital library of both Bible text and audio recordings.” The free app is offered on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. 

DBP officials say it is marked by its “unique combination of text and audio,” as well as “the large number of languages offered to listeners, with more being added regularly.” The ministry reports that people from 166 countries have engaged in God's Word through, with a remarkable average listening time of 36 minutes per person.

"I am new to the whole 'techy' thing," wrote a mobile app user, "But, I love that you can read and listen at the same time. You can have your very own Bible study anytime, anywhere."

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Ooma officials are offering the “deluxe package,”Ooma Premier -- just in time for Easter.

It comes with a generous bundle of enhanced calling features “designed to make your home phone service fire on all cylinders,” they say. Ooma Premier is $9.99/month or $119.99/year.

But you want to know what features they’re offering:

You can make or take a second call without missing a beat. “Let’s say you’ve got a teen and they are always on the phone,” company officials say. “Not a problem. With Ooma’s Instant Second Line feature, all you have to do is go to another Ooma Telo Handset in the house, pick it up, and you’ve got a fresh Ooma dial tone.”

Or tell your teen to text their friends on their own cell phone, like all normal kids do.




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